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Hope Townsend has spent long years searching for the brother she was brutally separated from when their mother was murdered. Now, thanks to help from a mysterious source, she’s found him deep in the Medicine Bow Mountains on the remote compound of the notorious White Kingdom Brotherhood motorcycle club and prison gang—a viper's nest of drug runners, murderers, and thieves. The only person who can help her is one of the club’s most lethal members—a man who goes by the road name "Mad Dog."


Colorado's infamous Wall Street hacker, Max Cameron, served five years of his twenty-seven-year sentence before being recruited by the Red Team. Now a seasoned operative, Max has gone under cover in the motorcycle club of the white supremacist prison gang that befriended him in jail. His mission was simple until Hope Townsend, a female mechanic, came along and gummed-up the works.


Nothing about Hope is as it seems, and Max struggles to keep her out of danger…and out of his heart. When his team finds evidence she’s working for their enemies, Max will have to decide where his loyalty lies: with his team or with the woman he loves.

October 8
Elaine Levine
Elaine Levine

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StarMase358 ,

Absolutely Brilliant !

The mystery continues and intensifies. Twisted Mercy is that book in the series that adds more question to your piles and also connects the pieces of the puzzle in a way that leaves you hungry for more and then some. The book flows in perfect rhythm with the uniqueness and personal demons of each teammate, and their adjustment to a new team member, a female who is bringing some heat to a hot summer. We discover crucial information about how the Red Team's modus operandi used to be in the early years, and how it affected Max Cameron's life in a devastating way. The team just starts to scratch the surface of the overwhelming power that the mysterious King holds in his hands. Is he a man? A myth? A group? The only thing for sure is that King has spiderwebs everywhere and that war is unavoidable. Nothing is as it seems and yet the dots keep twisting and connecting. Max is a passionate character that will warm your heart with his powerful emotions and his sweet roughness. Hope will enchant you with her inner beauty, determination and blind adoration towards a brother who she has desperately sought since she was a child. Lion, Hope's brother is a new key character that will be impossible not to love. I hope he gets his own book because he is worthy of it. Twisted Mercy is another brilliant book in a series as addictive, complex, intriguing, and suspenseful as the master mind who wrote it.

Pittlover08 ,

Haven't even read this yet

Just bought it and haven't even read it but I know this will be awesome! I've been waiting so long for the next red team installment. Keep them coming!

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