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I made a vow a long time ago. 

I trusted someone I shouldn’t have. 

And now my life is his—forever. 

I can’t escape. 

I can’t leave. 

I’m his. 

Because I made a promise—and that promise cost me everything. 

Book 2 in the Sinful Truths series.

December 3
Ella Miles LLC
Ella Miles

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Siren is so frustrating

Zeke is a good man. He is a protector. He protects his family, his friends, his boss and even Aria even though she betrayed him. Aria is angry, confused, frustrating, and infuriating! I just want to keep reading to find out what her deal is. It’s obvious they care about one another but she’s just too stubborn to accept it. Ready for book 3!

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RobbobReview ,

Was Zeke Cloned?

Gosh, I miss Zeke. Where is he?

What has happened to MY Zeke? He’s no longer the gorgeous, strong, Rambo type with a heart of gold. MY Zeke is NOT a wuss, but this clone of Zeke is! I say clone because there is no way MY Zeke would allow himself to be betrayed by a woman, look the other way and then crave and lust after her. Nope, what have you done to MY Zeke?

Just who is Siren…. or should I say what is Siren? She tries to act all self-righteous but that woman is as guilty as Julian. She claims to hate Julian and what he does, but she is the one with dirty hands. Yes, I realize Julian is holding something over her head. BUT, if she’s half as smart as she thinks she is, she would have figured a way out a long time ago. After all, she’s a seductress. She lures in her prey and then ki11s them.

Beckett …. interesting, to say to least. Wonder if we’ll see more of him?

The Black organization should be able handle Julian without missing a beat. So, Zeke, why not involve them? Julian’s main goal is to take out Enzo. What Julian doesn’t know is he has someone much smarter than Siren to deal with when he tries for Enzo. Kai could rip Julian a new one … easy. So why not alert them so they can be one up on Julian, and by default, Siren? Zeke, my love, maybe you need a little more faith in your 'family'.

Siren has no scruples … at all. Kai does, and that is a big part of Kai’s strength and Siren’s weakness. Yes, I know Siren’s sob story, but…. it’s just not enough. She hates Julian for the things he supports, but does the very things she hates in order for Julian to achieve victory. No excuses… Siren is weak. Yes, she is tough with many scars on her body to show. But she still is weak. She says the only scar on her body that needs healing is the one over her heart …. but that scar is ‘unhealable’. Well, maybe…. just maybe, that scar could be healed if she’d figure out a way to handle Julian. Seven years is a long time to commit Julian’s ‘sins’.


… No way Zeke would allow Beckett to escape that bedroom. Zeke is too calculated. He would never let his cojones rule him while on a job, especially one which meant life or death. So, I must concur that Zeke did die in the ocean and this is just a clone.

… Zeke, ahhhhh, Zeke honey. You just bring in Kai. She’ll know how to handle Julian just fine. And he never will know what hit him. You’re a team Zeke, don’t forget it. You’re not a one man show. Julian is just the type of man and organization that Kai wants to end. Between her, Enzo, Langston and you…. poor, poor Julian…. and Oscar too. You know how much Kai hates human traffickers. She has personal experience in that kidnapping arena. She's a fast learner and KNOWS the ins and outs of dealing with them. Let Siren sit back and watch. Let her see just how wonderful it is to have friends, family and loyalty given out of love, not sin.


...I love how Ella Miles weaves together action, drama, love, sensitivity, and plot twists into her storylines. She keeps the reader guessing and when you think you have it all figured out, she sneaks in a zinger of a plot twist.

... I had to skim over a lot of the text. Just way to much ‘sin’ that didn’t involve the main plot or storyline. Potty mouths and acrobatics in bed don’t hold my interest. It needs to be balanced with character development and plot. I don't mind dark and don't mind steamy as long as it strengthens the storyline. But for me, too much of the 'steam' took away from the story in a way that made the lead characters weak.

... I keep wondering where Zeke hid those women and what role that will play in the future....hmmmmm.

Fan of fifty ,

Twisted Vow

Loved the his book. Got to see more of Zeke and Siren. I sure didn't see that ending coming. I am thinking in book #3 we will see either Enzo or Kai making an appearance.

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