Unmarked Graves

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Some demons just refuse to stay down…

In a moment of sheer, unthinking terror, Rosemary McGuire raised powers she never knew she possessed to save herself and Will Gordon from the part-demon, Caleb Lockwood. Now, as Will heals and the police ask questions she and Will dare not answer, more facets of Rosemary's power begin to manifest, leaving her wondering exactly how far they reach.

Caleb got away with the hard drive that contained footage proving demons are real, but there’s one blessing — no one died in the fiery confrontation. At least, that’s what Rosemary and Will think…until Caleb’s body turns up, and the police stop looking for a perp and start seeking a murderer.

With suspicion floating around them, Will and Rosemary are drawn closer together as they follow a faint wisp of a clue to track down the stolen hard drive…and step straight into a hornet’s nest of demons hiding in plain sight. 

That’s not all they find. The closer they get to their goal, the more twists and turns arise to trip them up, threatening a future they’re just beginning to envision. Unless they stop the ghosts — and the demons — of the past from destroying it.

October 4
Dark Valentine Press
Joy Sillesen

Customer Reviews

IAGram ,

The Team will win!

Unmarked Graves by Christine Pope is the latest release in the Demon Hunters series.
I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Note: this review contains spoilers!
When we last saw Will and Rosemary, Will was passed out on the floor, Caleb Lockwood has stolen the USB drive, and Rosemary has new powers! What a way to start a book!
You would think the first part of the book is fairly tame. Will has to recover from his concussion after all. Rosemary is playing nurse waking him every hour. What can go wrong? But after talking to Michael, they realize Rosemary has to go back to the house and fix the crawlspace to the ceiling. When she does, she finds another super power which has her scared even more. Then the detective shows up and says Caleb Lockwood is dead! He’s a demon, well at least part one. How can he die? And how on earth are Will and Rosemary going to get the drive back now?
Even though the book seems to be going at a slow pace, the tension is always there on how they will get the drive and how their relationship will progress. And how did Caleb die? Getting help from Michael and his friends they travel to Pennsylvania and then things really get strange. They meet of all people Rosemary’s, nope, not going to tell you. Too big of a spoiler and then there’s what he is! Oh, boy! Didn’t see that one coming!
This was a great book! Not only did it have a good storyline and good characters but I loved the part about two lonely people finding each other and finding out about each other and coming together.Individually they are good people and couldn’t do good things, but together they are a team. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.

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