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It has taken decades, but Malus Darkblade has finally plotted, schemed and murdered his way to power, as the ruler of the city of Hag Graef and general of the Witch King Malekith’s armies. But his position is imperilled when Malekith orders an all-out assault on Ulthuan – with Darkblade in the vanguard. As he wages war on the high elves, Darkblade must decide where his loyalties lie – will he follow Malekith to the death, or will he finally rise up and try to claim the throne of Naggaroth for himself? And either way, will he survive?

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Malus Darkblade has been a firm favourite amongst Black Library fans for over a decade. Now, you can witness the final chapter in the tale of this Infamous dark elf noble. After centuries of plotting, betrayal, treachery, daemonic curses, murder and general do-baddery, Malus find himself at the top of the pile – almost. Now only that pesky Witch King stands in his way of the throne of Naggaroth.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 16
Black Library
Games Workshop Limited

Customer Reviews

Do Rey me fa so la ti do ,

Pawn off of a favorite Character

Being a big fan of the Darkblade saga, from the all the way back to the graphic novel days. I had to read the next book to feature this character. (If you are familiar with the End Times in warhammer then you already know how the story ends and it is not the ending in which I am disappointed.) My biggest issue is with the Author not being able to portray Malus as the anti-protagonist I have come to know and love. The book feels like a different character through out and a shoddy attempt to tie up loose ends without respect for the work the story is built upon.

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