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We Live Inside Maps Parts One and Two are the third and fourth installments in The Broken Skyline series.

We Live Inside Maps Parts One and Two are a simple straightforward explanation to a difficult time in New York City. The United States Housing Bubble inspires it, with my artwork as a background. It is an introduction for readers to the bigger story about the Financial Buyout of Wall Street.

The maps of the city report to the buildings and structures every night. They read, hear and experience these reports along with their friend, Garbage Bag (who finally kisses his beloved Flatiron in Part One). In Part Two, the City Bank building reads one night from these reports, explaining the financial buyout of Wall Street to the rest of New York City. 

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September 29
Simpatico Books
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Customer Reviews

Reuben Ephraim ,

The Wall Street Buyout Explained by the Skyscrapers of NYC

Eloy distills what the real estate crisis was all about, and how it happened in this unique telling of the Wall Street Buyout. He pairs his tongue in cheek explanation of the housing crisis in a dry manner with images of his artwork. He takes many different pieces of his and creates a pastiche to create characters and a visual story via this collage. This book turns its focus away from the characters to explain what the housing crisis is and how it happened. In doing so Eloy has introduced different pieces of artwork that he hasn’t used previously, some of which symbolize the terrifying power that the top %1 have over the rest of the population.

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