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“When MILF's Attack!” is written in a humorous, irreverent style to both entertain as well as titillate. One of my readers, Sujac has written, “First review I've ever written and I've read a lot of erotica, BDSM, etc. This book (Author’s note: Review was of “Urban Legend’s: The Curious Tale of Naughty Alphonso’s Adult Video’s and Toy’s) was a riot. Creative, hot, hysterically funny erotica and BDSM. BDSM funny? Yes! The way Ellioto writes it. I was laughing out loud while cringing at the same time. Loved the book so much I'm now reading everything he's written. This author has a truly twisted mind and I love it.” (reviewed within a week of purchase). All of my books are written in the same fashion.

This book and three others have been compiled in "When MILF's Attack!: The Compilation." At over 189,000 words it is bargain.

Jack Deacon is not your average teenager. Handsome, athletic and an honor student, he is considered a natural leader by his teachers and class mates. He also has the largest package of any boy in Brookline High. Though he has no problems getting laid, he has found that his typical tryst was boring, too mundane. He believes that there must be some little known way to crank up the incredible hedonistic turmoil of orgasm to a much higher, more exquisite level. He and his girl friend’s have decided to use their upcoming summer vacation to discover themselves, find out what extremes would be necessary to give themselves the hardest, most mind blowing orgasms possible.

This story is about two people hell bent on drastically widening their sexual horizons. They independently came to the same conclusion: jump feet first and with no hesitation into the most outrageous sexual situations they could concoct for themselves. With that in mind, Martha plots her seduction, luring Jack to her home. Seduced, Jack turns the tables, teaching Bean a thing or two about multiple orgasms, the G-spot and the nasty pleasures of the back door. Several orgasms later, the teen challenges Martha to be more abusive; do things to him that she would never consider doing to her husband. Suddenly, something in Martha snaps, unleashing long dormant fetishes and urges. Though disgusted with herself and totally out of control, she enthusiastically ravages Jack using her most debouched game. Now face down, handcuffed and restrained, Jack endures a painful spanking and unending tickling while Martha mercilessly abuses his most sensitive areas with the callused heels of her feet. The pain/pleasure is something fierce, exactly what Jack was looking for.

Fiction & Literature
December 12
BB Ellioto
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