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"Audrey Carlan has a way with words that cannot be denied." –Kylie Scott, New York Times bestselling author

My life has never been easy. Not from the day I took my first breath until now. Only days old, I was placed in a laundry basket and left in front of a firehouse. I never knew who my parents were before being shuffled around from one bad foster home to another. Until the day I arrived at Kerrighan House.

My safe haven.

My home.

I was welcomed with open arms into a world where love and sisterhood were the rule, not the exception. From that moment on, I believed I was safe. That nothing bad could touch me.

I was so wrong.

Neither my success as a full-figured lingerie and fashion model nor my street smarts as a born and bred Chicago native, safeguarded me against walking into the clutches of a monster.

As I try to pull my life back together, I’m brought face to face with a man whose wounds mirror my own. Under his protection, I’m gifted the opportunity to find beauty where there has only ever been pain. And yet, danger lurks, as a new evil threatens to bring me to my knees.

Can my savior protect me, or has my fate been sealed?

Note: Each book in the Soul Sister series can be read as a standalone.

April 5
Audrey Carlan, INC.
Audrey Carlan, INC.

Customer Reviews

Janet4005 ,

Wildly Captivating

And another winner! I really hope all the sisters get their book as I’m now emotionally invested (haha but seriously). I loved Addy and of course her alpha hottie photog Killian. I cried and laughed and felt like I might vomit from the suspense twisting my guts at some points (I know TMI but I was into it that much). Loved the ending and can’t wait to read the next.

MrsM22 ,

All the stars!

All the stars!!! A beautifully written romantic suspense novel that will keep you turning the pages late into the night!!
Book two in Audrey Carlan's "Soul Sisters" series follows plus-sized model Addy, one of the Kerrighan House foster sisters, in the wake of the tragic events from book one. The whole of Kerrighan House is hurting and healing in the aftermath of the loss of a sister and the brief captivity and torture of sisters Addy and Simone at the hands of the “Backseat Strangler.” In this book, while Addy is recovering both physically and mentally, there's evidence of a copycat killer on the loose and after her, even if he has to go through her loved ones to get her. Even with all of this turmoil and suspense, the who, what's next, how's and where's Carlan brings us hope, showing her readers that sometimes you can't wait for the perfect moment to fall in love and settle down; sometimes love finds you. Addy beats the odds and finds love in her war-torn battlefield photographer turned model photographer. Luckily, he fits right in!
I'd recommend this book to all romantic suspense fans, and seriously, if you haven't read an Audrey Carlan book yet - what are you waiting for? This woman knows how to write and write well - so well that I feel wholly invested every time I'm swallowed up into one of her stories, without fail. The characters, the settings, the atmosphere, all of it together, makes you FEEL all of the feels, oohs, and ahhs alike! Read this. Read it for the love, the mystery, Brutus, the plant watering, Jonah’s brotherly protection, and of course, the SISTERHOOD! By the way, don't forget to check out book one, “Wild Child” - I loved Simone’s story and the intro to Kerrighan House just as much!!
I have honestly and voluntarily reviewed this title.

JessDevaney ,

So many typos!

Great story, but a couple plot errors that went against book one and so so so many typos. Using where instead of were, saying remove instead of remote, etc…etc…Every error pulls you from the story. Great author, but she should find a new editor for sure!

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