Wired That Way

A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding and Maximizing Your Personality Type

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Do you want to better understand yourself, maximize your strengths, and improve your relationships? Understanding how we are wired can enrich our lives and our relationships, helping to overcome differences that can seem irreconcilable. Instead of terminating jobs, friendships, or marriage on grounds of incompatibility, it is possible to turn these relationships from dying to growing. For more than 25 years, Marita Littauer, with her mother, Florence Littauer, has helped thousands of men and women with their personal and professional relationships. In Wired That Way, Marita brings together in one book a comprehensive overview of the personality types that speaks to anyone who wants to understand and to be understood.

Health, Mind & Body
May 8
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Customer Reviews

Daonly ,

So much to learn

I have found out so much about my self but not only my self my partner and co workers that I never knew but is so true just looking over everything in this book it is a must read for anyone that works or have a lot of people in their life.

TheRichTwin ,

Infinite Breakthroughs!

This book has not only affirmed who I am and why I operate the way I do but has allowed me to come into full acceptance of myself. This book has identified the very strengths I have been chastised and judged to believe are my biggest weaknesses. Having a twin sister, we have been influenced to believe we should “be the same” and get along as all twin tv stars portray twins to be this harmonious entity which is so far from the truth! The truth is that yes, we have a different bond that no one will ever understand or break but that we are indeed allowed to be ourselves and we are actually completely different! We do not share a single personality and that relieves my spirit finally understanding who my sister is and why we haven’t been able to get along, when in fact it was that we did not accept each other for our individual differences and tendencies. Now I can move forward in life not only being able to identify and accommodate others more easily but to accept and address others with ease and grace. Thank you for writing this book! This is an essential in opinion, should be required read in high school curriculum!

Burningshining1 ,

Love this book!

I'm going to school for Psych, and considering pursuing personality theory. I'm endlessly baffled why no one has taken this concept into mainstream academia yet!

Having worked with youth, managed employees, and been married almost 8 years I can say that

This method is easier, more effective at self understanding and motivation, more effective at behavioral prediction, and more effective at problem resolution than anything else I've studied. Only the Meyers Brigg compares in accuracy and effectiveness, but it is substantially harder to understand and apply.

This book is GOLD!

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