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From USA Today best-selling author, Willow Winters, comes a tempting tale of fated love, lust-filled secrets and the beginnings of an epic war.

His chiseled jaw and silver gaze haunts both my nightmares and my dreams, though I’ve only ever gotten a glimpse of either.

There’s a treaty between us and them; mere mortals and the ones who terrify but keep us safe. The contract demands that every year there’s an offering and this year I’ll walk across that stage presenting myself.

We have no idea what to expect if they choose someone, since they haven’t done so in generations.

The only thing we know is that the ones they take belong to them forevermore. If chosen, you don’t come back, or so the story of the treaty goes.

Gather and present yourself.

This is the offering …

… and I … belong to him.

October 31
Willow Winters Publishing LLC
Willow Winters Publishing LLC

Customer Reviews

Szmoromou ,

Shifter Hotness

Being a PNR snob, I am very picky about these types of stories. Well..... Willow Winters did not disappoint me. Wounded Kisses takes place in a small town called Shadow Falls which is protected by shifters (werewolves). Yearly, there is an offering of the village girls ranging from the age of 19-21. This offering is part of the towns treaty with the shifters and no one dares to not obey it.
This year, best friends and roommates Lizzie and Grace have just turned of age to partake in the offering. Neither wants to be there but they know that they don't have a choice. Although frightened of being chosen, they go hoping and wishing that they will be overlooked. However the shifters have other plans for them and soon Grace and Lizzie find themselves torn away form the life they once knew to the unknown.
Grace has this strength and fierceness that Devin, the Alpha, craves. When he felt her presence when she attended the offering the year prior, he knew that she was the one but he had to wait. So when she came of age, there was no way he would let her get away. There is this immediate pull that Grace feels towards Devin and she can't comprehend how that can be when they have just met. Grace wants out. She wants to get Lizzie and to go back to the life that she and Lizzie have planned for themselves. Although her mind tells her one thing, her body and heart say another. Will Grace accept her fate and stand beside Devin's side as his "mate?"
Lizzie has demons that have haunted her throughout her life. She finally has gotten to place where she feels loved and accepted, thanks to Grace, her saving grace. What a cruel world! She is ripped from her safe place and taken against her will. As much as Dom and Caleb attempt to show her compassion and patients, she just can't remove her fears and the ghosts of her past that keep her locked up like a chained animal. When Dom realizes why she fears him, he stops at nothing to make her understand that he is not like the one who broke her. Caleb and Dom stop at nothing to make her see that they are hers and she is theirs.
The scenes were so hot, sexy and alluring. As a reader you feel like you are Lizzie or Grace and you're taken by these sexy beasts that ant nothing more to love and please you. I couldn't get enough and I want more.

Chelledawn22 ,


Gah! Willow killed this genre! Such a great read. I flew through the pages and before I knew it, i was done and I was left wishing I had slowed my roll a bit and savored it more. Great characters and storyline. I’m hoping she dips her toes back into worlds like this soon. Read it:)

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