You’re Not the Only One

The Agony of Divorce: The Joy of Peaceful Resolution

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You’re Not The Only One is about resolving conflict. Many of the principles found in the book can be applied to all types of conflict that you may experience in life. Most of the stories contained in the book are family related as the author's primary focus is family mediation. As you read through the book, stop and watch the videos, participate in the quizzes and click on the hyperlinks to learn even more. Whether you are in the process of divorce and contemplating mediation, or a mediator seeking to gain perspective, this book is for you.

For every book sold, $2.00 will be donated to charity. Epic Beauty has been chosen as the charity. Located in West Palm Beach, Florida, Epic Beauty is a coalition of women committed to addressing the unique needs of women in crisis. Their goal is to inspire, educate and counsel women so they can reach their full potential in life. For more information on Epic Beauty or Epic Arrangements got to

March 17
Matthew Brickman
iMediate Inc.

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Great advice ,

Awesome book

This author gives hope through the process of divorce, that the result doesn't have to be fatal; that it can, rather be the beginning of a new, prosperous way of life for each family member. We don't have to fight to move's so much better to care for each other as we move on to a different life. We can resolve our differences without paying lawyers our last dimes... That's only for those who don't have it in themselves to go to the table and hammer out what is good for everyone. Kudos to this mediator who gets it. Mediation is so much better than litigation!