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The night we met, I only tagged along to support my best friend. Then I saw Lilly. There’s no harm in picking up a girl for myself, right? 

One time. A few hours with her underneath me. No longer than a night. That’s all I ever need with a woman.  I’m the Vice President of the Lost Kings MC. There’s no shortage of women waiting to warm my bed.

Lilly’s appetite matches my own and one night suits her fine. 

But it’s not enough. I can’t get her out of my head, even though she makes it clear she’s not available. Suddenly, I find myself seeking Lilly out on holidays and special occasions, using any excuse to be near her. 

That’s when I realize she’s the only one I want to spend all my nights with. 

Now if I can convince her what we have amounts to more than a few lust-filled hours. 

I’m not sure how it all got so twisted,  but this is how it all begins…

February 14
Ahead of the Pack, LLC
Ahead of the Pack LLC

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A Bit Smutty Book Blog ,

Love love love

Talk about steamy! Z and Lilly’s story definitely brings the hot factor to the table setting us up what should be an epic duet in Zero Tolerance (release date February 22nd, 2019) and then Zero Regrets.

This prequel starts with Zero (better known as ‘Z’) and Lilly when they first meet and takes us through five important meeting points leading up to Zero Tolerance. I love the way the author gives us glimpses into the background of both the hero and heroine, filling in blanks that were left from reading the other books in the series. We definitely get more of an idea of who Z and Lilly are as individuals outside of their friend groups. I of course always enjoy getting to see scenes from the other books in the series but from the perspective of the other characters.

I wasn’t always a big Lilly fan but after reading Zero Hour I am liking her a lot more. I also always felt like I we didn’t get as much information about Z in the other books. I didn’t really get to know him like the other characters and so I wasn’t as invested in him, but Zero Hour helped to erase that feeling for me.

I could not be more happy that Autumn did this prequel before Zero Tolerance comes out on the 22nd. The only reason I am giving it 4 stars and not 5 is because it’s a prequel so you’re getting short bursts of the story not the full shebang, but in true Autumn fashion she hits it out of the park!

AJLake fan ,

Zero Hour Begins

Zero is a favorite in this series. He’s gorgeous, muscular, dangerous, smart, witty and charming. Finding a match in a woman is not easy. Lilly fits the bill. She is drop dead gorgeous, independent, kind and able to match wits with Zero. This books takes you from their meeting on day 1 to their rocky road to destiny.


Zero Tolerance

Autumn Jones Lake has once again wove a tale that draws the reader in. Even after finishing this book two times I still haven’t unearthed the different stories. I cannot wait for the next book I the series!

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