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New York Times bestselling author David Wong's
Zoey Punches the Future in the Dick is the latest—and arguably greatest—sci-fi thriller in the Zoey Ashe Series.

In the futuristic city of Tabula Ra$a, Zoey Ashe is like a fish so far out of water that it has achieved orbit. After inheriting a criminal empire, the twenty-three year-old finds herself under threat from all sides as a rogue's gallery of larger-than-life enemies think they smell weakness.

On the eve of the world's most lavish and ridiculous Halloween celebration, a steamer trunk-sized box arrives at Zoey's door and she is shocked to find that it contains a disemboweled corpse. She is even more shocked when that corpse, controlled by an unknown party, rises and goes on a rampage through the house. Speaking in an electronic voice, it publicly accuses Zoey of being its murderer. This is the kind of thing that almost never happened at her old job.

The city was already a ticking time bomb of publicity-hungry vigilantes with superhuman enhancements and Zoey knows this turn of events is unlikely to improve the situation. Now, she and her team of high-tech tricksters have to solve this bizarre murder while simultaneously keeping Tabula Ra$a from descending into chaos.

“Biting humor and blatant digs at modern society overlay a subtly brilliant and thoughtful plot” (Publishers Weekly) in John Dies at the End author David Wong’s first installment of the Zoey Ashe Series, Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits. Now, “one of today’s great satirists” (Nerdist) is back with Zoey Punches the Future in the Dick, the second installment in a “Technicolor tomorrowland.” (Kirkus Reviews)

Fiction & Literature
October 13
St. Martin's Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

drew dessadoo ,

If You Love Jason Pargin’s Work, You Will Not Be Disappointed

This book is everything Jason Pargin does well: humor, wisdom, and a narrative that is equal parts engaging and vehicles to highlight his humor and wisdom. If you love his work whether it be from his columns at Cracked.com or his other novels, this book will not disappoint. Of course, even someone new to Jason’s work will find much to enjoy and takeaway in this novel!

Xhaotix ,

The Saga Continues

The world of Zoe Ashe and The Suits exists in a parallel future closely adjacent to our own timeline. This series, is witty, funny, but most importantly thought provoking. It’s is a strong and bold commentary on the dangers of conspiracy theories, social media, fake news, and human behavior manipulated by well thought out systems of corporate greed.

You won’t regret taking a few days to knock this one out.

Blerg789 ,

Frantic and Fun

This is an excellent follow up to Futuristic Violence. The pace is set early on and doesn’t let up until the very end. In addition to the gore and humor, there’s an interesting discussion on public versus self perception and the effects of ultra wealth on individuals and society. I really loved this book!

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