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Welcome to Whynot, North Carolina, population 3,872. It has one stoplight, one bar, and the one-and-only Trixie Mancinkus.

Eleven years ago, Trixie graduated Harvard Law, turned down a job offer from one of the most prestigious law firms in Boston, and headed home to Whynot to open her own firm. Not only did she leave behind the big city, but she also left her boyfriend of three years. And just so we’re clear… that would be me.

So what am I doing in Whynot at this very moment? It seems Trixie needs help with a legal case and for some insane reason, she called on me for assistance. I’ve been in town for five minutes, and I’m every bit as out of place as I feel. Trixie is all sweet, southern curves to my tailored suits and high-priced haircuts. It’s a culture clash of north versus south and about the only thing we have in common is our physical attraction to each other.

But I have a new motto since coming to Whynot: When life hands you lemons, all you need is a little sex and sweet tea to make things better.

11 April
Big Dog Books, LLC
Big Dog Books, LLC

Customer Reviews

Jaxwright57 ,

Loved it

Wow .... what can I say about Sawyer Bennett's alter ego Juliette Poe apart from what a fantastic fun short read , this novella hooked me from page one, the characters intrigued me and the story drew me in.
11 years ago Trixie graduated from Harvard, turned down a job at a top Boston Law Firm and hightailed it back to Whynot to open her own law practice leaving her boyfriend Ryland behind so why is he in Whynot now,well Trixie needs help with a case and to be honest he stills wonders why she left him the way she did.
This author has a way of making you connect on so many different levels with her characters and places , be it the moonshine drinking pistol welding Pa or the shotgun welding brothers, I'm sure this book will bring a smile to your face.
Looking forward to more from Juliette Poe

Cameron682 ,

Very Precious!

If you need a quick novella to get your reading mojo back, this is the one for you! It is a sweet second chance rom-com that you won't want to put down. And knowing that there will be more in this series is just a bonus.

This series will be centred around the Maine/Mancinkus clan. This novella is Trixie and Ryland's story, how they met in Law school and dated. They even made plans for their future, but Trixie couldn't live in the big city, and Ry was all set for his high profile position and couldn't see himself in a country town. So they parted ways......for eleven years.....until Trixie need help on a case.

These characters are all a hoot. Trix and Ry have such chemistry, you will be fanning yourself. And Yep! He is precious, just divine. This edition will also enlighten you on the family background and sets up for number two in the series. You will adore Pap, the patriarch Yankee who moved south to be with his son and family. I think he is recruiting more northerners to join the brood. Trixie has four siblings that I feel each has a story to tell and I personally can not wait!

*I received a copy for an honest review.

Erin Lewis aka Maimeo's ,

This was a fun, quick read full of romance, laughter and love of family.

Juliette Poe, is a new author to me. This was a fun, quick read full of romance, laughter and love of family.

Both Trixie and Ryland graduated 11 years ago from Harvard Law and their plans were to live together and practice in Boston. That is until Tries pulled the rug out from under their relationship and returned to her southern hometown of Whynot, North Carolina, shattering the plans they had made for their future.

When Trixie contacts Ry and asks him to assist on a case she is working on he rushes straight down South to help her out. It is obvious to both of them and Trixie's family that their feelings are still as deep as they were 11 years ago.

AS Trixie and Ry face the possibility of life without each other again, both decide that is time for compromises. Neither of them have been truly happy without the other and it is high time they decide to fight for what they both want.

Ms. Poe described Whynot in such great detail that I would love to visit. I love the idea of a small town where everyone knows you; although as Trixie and Ry found out that can be annoying at times.

Trixie's grandfather Pap is a great secondary character and I hope he actually gets his own story. In fact, all the characters made me smile and I cannot wait until we visit Whynot, North Carolina again.

Ain't He Precious? is an extremely well written sweet, romantic book and I loved it.

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