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A laugh out loud, soul mate chasing rom-com romp, Sarah Ready's Chasing Romeo is a perfect feel-good novel about finding love where you least expect it.

Chloe Daniels is a starry-eyed romantic who believes in true love, soul mates and happily ever afters. So when a psychic predicts the identity of her soul mate Chloe will do anything to find him.

But there's a tiny problem.

Chloe's soul mate is 1 of 7 men, spread across the U.S. and she has only one week to reach him.

Out of desperation she hires Nick O'Shea, a cynical private investigator who thinks soul mates, love and happily ever afters are a load of crap.

Chloe and Nick have nothing in common. She wants her soul mate. He wants to get paid.

But on their crazy, true love chasing road trip across the U.S. Nick starts to wonder if maybe he was wrong about love, and Chloe starts to wonder if she was wrong about the identity of her Romeo.

Soon, Chloe will have to choose between her soul mate and the man she hired to find him.

Opposites attract in the first book of a heartwarming new series by romance author Sarah Ready.

SARAH READY writes contemporary romance and romantic comedy. Her debut novel, The Fall in Love Checklist was named "#1 read for 2020" by BookAddict.

May 25
Swift & Lewis Publishing LLC
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Jaxwright57 ,

Entertaining Funny Read

4.5 Stars for Chasing Romeo ( Soul Mates in Romeo #1)
A new author and a great read means a win win for me. If you are looking for a funny yet emotional read look no further than Chasing Romeo by Sarah Ready.
Nick and Chloe take a road trip so she can find her soulmate, her psychic aunt predicted the first man she kisses will be the love of her life and neither of them expected to find true love with each other.
Nick is hired by her aunt to find the man of Chloe’s dreams and that means traveling across the US to catch up with seven men and any of them could be “ the one” .....
These two start of as enemies but soon become lovers as they embark on a crazy road trip. This may be my first read by this author but it certainly won’t be the last because Chasing Romeo us everything I want in a great read, I laughed, I giggled and I swooned.
Looking forward to reading more by the talented Ms Ready.

Erin Lewis aka Maimeo's ,


Sarah Ready is a new author to me. I found Chasing Romeo an entertaining, funny enemies to lovers story that ticked a lot of the boxes for me.
This is Chloe Daniels and Nick O’Shea’s, road trip story. When Chloe's psychic aunt Erma deems that the first man she kissed is her true love, Chloe is determined to find him, the only problem, there is only 7 days and she has to track down 1 of 7 men; enter Nick, a private investigator who is hired to help find “the one”.
I spent a lot of this book smiling and laughing reading Chasing Romeo. The characters are engaging and I found them easy to like. Chloe and Nick have history and it is not all good; that resentment has carried over into adulthood.
Chloe and Nick could not be more different and yet despite that, there is something that sizzles between them that makes it impossible to ignore. What happens when they cross that line? Will Chloe let go of her search and realize what is right in front of her? Will Nick decide to take a chance on love, something he has shied away from?
Their road trip was crazy, the situations they found themselves in humorous and all in all this made for a fun read.

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