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The bestselling guide to the paleo way of life from award-winning Australian chef and restaurateur Pete Evans, author of bestselling Family Food and Healthy Every Day with new book Eat Your Greens out soon.

Going Paleo is the only book you'll need to transform the way you eat - and change the way you look and feel - for good.

This comprehensive and user-friendly guide shows you both why to go paleo and how to go paleo, with over 80 essential recipes to get you started. Paleo expert and bestselling US author Nora Gedgaudas explains the why of going paleo and Pete Evans explains the how, with a run-down on the foods that have to go and what to replace them with; a detailed guide to setting up your paleo kitchen; and a 10-week kickstart eating plan to help you get started.

The recipes in Going Paleo are delicious, quick and highly nourishing. Breakfasts include Kale and Sweet Potato Tortilla and Paleo Parfait with Coconut Cream, while dinner might be Crispy-skinned Salmon with Celeriac Remoulade, Cauliflower Fried Rice with Bacon or a simple Lamb Moussaka. There are chapters for snacks and drinks and heaps of veggies and salads - try Raw Rainbow Pad Thai or Sauerkraut with Dill and Juniper Berries. There is also a chapter for the basics: make your own fermented mustard or tomato ketchup, or cook up a big pot of chicken bone broth to use in various recipes throughout the week.

Going Paleo is for everyone who is interested in good health and eating real food - food that our ancestors would have recognised, that is nutrient dense and that provides our body with the right kind of fuel to perform at its absolute best.

Recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free.

This is a specially formatted fixed layout ebook that retains the look and feel of the print book.

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13 March
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Customer Reviews

Malolo7799 ,


The "science" behind many of the aspects of Paleo is somewhat compelling and being substantiated more every day. This book embarks on some of it. other good part of this book is the fabulous food photos

Thephotos are nice but are out shined by

That's where it ends. Photogenic Pete harps on continuouslyhow easy every recipe is, which is the most ridiculous part of this book. About 5 recipes can be accomplished within 30 minutes and even these require an average of 8-10 ingredients (most not in your usual repertoire) that need slicing/dicing/more coconut oil etc.

The rest of the recipes, albeit tasty looking and healthy Paleo are so time consuming, you will need a chef to do all the hard work for you.

JO_4 ,

Fantastic 'go to' Paleo guide!

If you are just starting out on your Paleo journey or want a few recipes to test out or have been Paleo for years then this is your book. With a great section on the "why" without getting too in depth and lost in the science. An excellent well laid out book with over 80 delicious family friendly real food recipes. Menus, pantry makeover guides & loads of additional info all in one fantastic book. I highly recommend this book and commend Pete on encouraging an open mind and a healthy approach to a complete lifestyle.

BelJoy ,


An alright Paleo book, it contains just enough science-y info, and some good recipes. Didn't really learn anything that I hadn't already found online. There are a few frustrations - first of all, WHERE ARE THE DESSERTS? I could only find two (in the breakfast section) and a few smoothies (which aren't really even desserts). Very disappointing. And the layout... landscape format is REALLY annoying, as is the flip-the-page thing. It makes the text too small, and you have to keep zooming in to read the text properly. I know double-page spreads look better, but they're nowhere near as practical as portrait format and scrolling. It also takes ages to load and crashes often. I was looking forward to this book but am left a bit disappointed. :-(

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