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I had it all.

Breaking into the entertainment business as a teenager wasn’t easy. I spent years of my childhood traveling, auditioning and hoping my big break would come. And when it did, I rose to a level I never imagined.

Elle Tyler: model, singer and actress. I couldn’t go anywhere without security anymore. It was everything I ever wanted and more - fame, fortune and worldwide recognition. At age twenty-four, I was living a dream. 

But a single act of violence shattered my fairytale existence. In a matter of seconds, all the goodness in me was ripped to shreds. Overnight, the people around me dropped away, moving on to find the next big thing. I gave up on myself, becoming a woman so dark and forlorn I no longer recognized myself.

But the stranger who saved me that day, Justin Lockhart, never gave up on me. He still saw light through my darkness. And as we grew closer, I started to see it, too. And I also started to see that before that terrible day, maybe I didn’t really have it all. Maybe I was always missing the only thing that really matters.

25 April
Silver Sky Publishing, Inc.
Brenda Bowen

Customer Reviews

Jaxwright57 ,

Loved it

First book I have read in this series and even though I will be reading the series backwards, I stilled loved this book. I'm prof that this book really can be read as a standalone. Each book is about a different Lockhart brother and this is Justin's story.
Elle Tyler has it all, fame beauty and a load of adoring fans, but one fateful night she is attacked by a deranged fan who leaves her bleeding on a bathroom floor. Justin Lockhart is the stranger who comes to her rescue and after getting her to the hospital he can't get her out of his mind. Justin preserves with the calls and visits to the hospital until he gets to see she is ok for himself but what he finds is a girl who has lost all her confidence and he needs to show her she is beautiful on the inside as well as the outside, dispite the scars left by her attacker......
This is a story about two strangers who become friends and then lovers, it's beautifully written and I was captivated from the first chapter. The Lockhart brothers are not only hot as hell they are loveable caring men and I will be reading the rest in this series. I loved reading this siblings story I hope the rest are as good as Hidden Depth. Great job Brenda Rothert

Erin Lewis aka Maimeo's ,

Loved it

5 star Review Hidden Depth (Lockhart Brothers #4) by Brenda Rothert

This was the first book I have read in the Lockhart Brothers series so I was a tad concerned that I would not be able to follow. Boy was I wrong!.

This is Justin Lockhart and Elle Tyler's story and what a story it was. Hidden Depth was heartbreaking, sad, uplifting and hopeful all at the same time. Simply put I was on the edge of my seat throughout my read of this book.

I fell for both of these characters as well as the Lockhart family, so much so that I am now off to purchase the other books in the series. The chemistry between Justin and Elle was exceptional. This book was all about finding yourself after tragedy, of learning to trust and believe in love and having the courage to take that leap of faith back into life.

I would love to see Chloe and Andre get their own stories, even if they are novellas.

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