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'What do you want me to do?' Bosch asked again.

'I want you to find someone for me,' Vance said. 'Someone who might not have ever existed.'

Harry Bosch is working as a part-time detective in the town of San Fernando outside of Los Angeles, when he gets the invitation to meet with the ageing aviation billionaire Whitney Vance. When he was eighteen Vance had a relationship with a Mexican girl called Vibiana Duarte, but soon after becoming pregnant she disappeared.

Now, as he reaches the end of his life, Vance wants to know what happened to Vibiana and whether there is an heir to his vast fortune. And Bosch is the only person he trusts to undertake the assignment.

Harry's aware that with such sums of money involved, this could be a dangerous undertaking - not just for himself, but for the person he's looking for - but as he begins to uncover Vibiana's tragic story, and finds uncanny links to his own past, he knows he cannot rest until he finds the truth.

Crime & Thrillers
24 October
Allen & Unwin
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rhitc ,

Still wild about Harry

4.5 stars

American. Uber-successful ex-journo and creator of LA detective Harry Bosch. Nuff said.

Harry has finally left the LAPD after suing them for wrongful dismissal. Now he's a PI who also works part-time (unpaid) for the tiny San Fernando Police Department. (Apparently San Fernando is an independent two square mile municipality in the middle of the urban sprawl of LA.) Reclusive billionaire industrialist Whitney Vance is well into his eighties and has no known heir. Maybe no hair either. I can't recall. The avaricious members of his corporate board are plotting how to divvy up the spoils when he croaks. The old boy wants to know whether the Latino waitress he knocked up when he was at College ever had the kid and calls Harry to investigate, then ups and dies, apparently of natural causes, before out boy really gets going. The board terminates the H man's services, but nothing's over for Bosch until he decides it is. Meanwhile, he and his female offsider at SFPD (people on the phone assume he means San Francisco and take him more seriously when he says that) are on the hunt for a serial rapist. Suspicion falls on a disgruntled ex-cop turned building inspector. Our boy takes his eye off the ball while pursing his private case, then has to gallop into town all guns blazing to rescue his partner and apprehend the rapist. Harry's half brother Mickey Haller (The Lincoln Lawyer) gets a look in too. Ultimately, the rightful heir uses the money for a good cause.

What's not to like

Bottom line
Connolly maintains his usual high standard

Dencma ,


A truly great read. Yet again an excellent Harry Bosch thriller. Has all the hallmarks of the best in the classic series.

Jazziembee ,

Bosch is back!

This book is the Michael Connelly I expect to read. Connelly is finally back on form although the years have mellowed Bosch, which is not a bad thing. His moral compass is still intact & pointing in the right direction. Great holiday read.

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