The Fox and the Rebound The Fox and the Rebound
Book 2 - Fox Family

The Fox and the Rebound

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She made a deal with the devil and he’s determined to collect. But when passionate sparks fly, all bets are off.

Piper Fox hates clocks. With her confidence shattered by a bad break-up, the creative welder can’t stand another minute of her debilitating artist’s block. So with time running out on her deadline, she tests a wild theory that the best way to get over a jerk is to get it on rebound-style with crazy-rich and broodingly handsome Oliver Nichols.

Oliver Nichols curates a cool facade. So when sparks fly with the stunning artist he has under contract, the eccentric billionaire does his best to stifle his reactions. And though he’s convinced love isn’t in the cards for him, ever, the lonely philanthropist can’t stay away.

Not sure how to make the next move after chickening out once before, Piper struggles to ignore her stalkery ex and keep her nose to the grindstone. While Oliver fools himself that keeping a close eye on the vulnerable metalworker is just a matter of good business, only to discover she’s somehow snared his heart.

Will the thrill of danger push them into a forever embrace?

The Fox and the Rebound is the charming second book in the Fox Family romantic comedy series. If you like dynamic characters, clever banter, and hints of classic fairy tales, then you’ll adore this laugh-out-loud adventure.

Buy The Fox and the Rebound to ignite an unlikely connection today!

This is book two in the Fox Family Series, book one is Between a Fox and a Hard Place. All books in the Fox Family Series can be read as stand-alone novels.

November 11
Mary Frame
Mary Frame

Customer Reviews

Literary Littlefoot ,


An honestly lovely book. Oliver is a intriguing and surprisingly lovable character. His intensity and damage makes your heart go fuzzy. The love story between him and Piper is healthy. 5/5

EL25 ,

So good!!!

So sweet and so entertaining! I am loving the Fox family so much and the family dynamic is fantastic! I was so happy to finally get Oliver’s story as he has always been an intriguing character. He did not disappoint!!! I love his vulnerability and strength and the fact that he is innately a caregiver to all the people he cares about. Both these characters learn that they are stronger than they thought and that they are worth the love they find. As always there is love and lots of laughter with Mary Frame and you cannot help but feel good reading her books. Cannot get enough of this family!!!

ali em cee ,

Another Winner from Mary Frame

We romance readers love our tropes. If an author can create a page turner we love within the limits of a familiar basic, central story, we know we’ve found a winner who will reward us for reading again and again.
I found such an author in Mary Frame, way back in her first book, Imperfect Chemistry. It featured Lucy, aka the Perfect Nerd, a Brainiac social moron who finds herself, improbable though it may seem at first, in a burgeoning relationship with magnetic campus heartthrob Jensen.
She’s a fish out of water extraordinaire, and so is Oliver in The Fox and the Rebound.
Mary Frame’s latest book isn’t quite as good as her first, in my humble opinion, but then Imperfect Chemistry pushed all of my buttons as few books have. In other words, let’s not let the minor difference in ranking make us think anything other than a smidgen less of The Fox and the Rebound.
Oliver is an eccentric self-made gazillionaire, so he’s a wizard of a different kind than Lucy, i.e. at making money. He sucks at everything else, though, especially at anything that smacks of dealing with people.
That doesn’t stop him from being a hero. He rescues brilliant sculptress Piper Fox from her abusive boyfriends the moment he finds out she wants and needs help.
But then he has to talk to her. That’s hard to do at all, and rarely happens without opening his mouth to take one foot out and put the other one in. Social graces were hard to find when he was growing up, hungry and abused, in the worst kind of foster family.
Piper, meanwhile, is struggling to get past the creative block her boyfriend left her with along with a shredded ego and non-existent self-confidence.
I’ve devoured every book Mary Frame has written, and she hasn’t yet failed to put the punch of surprise into how her hero and heroine start finding out they are made for each other.
Oliver and Piper, for instance, start to find their magic when they spend a sexless night together and each of them sleeps well for the first time in years.
Huh? What less likely way could you possibly find as the catalyst for a couple in a romance novel coming together?
Think about it, though. What better way could two damaged, abused people learn they trust and need each other?
I read The Fox and the Rebound in a free advance reading copy supplied by the author with a request for an honest review if I cared to leave one. I definitely did so care. Every lover of romantic comedy should find this author, and it’s a pleasure to help them do so.

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