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Marianne had no idea that the little bauble she found inside an ancient Egyptian obelisk was anything more than a simple piece of jewelry. Moments after donning it, she realized it was far more than that; the ankh grants her the magical ability to control the size of any man’s cock! By simply making eye contact with the opposite sex, she can cause his manhood to grow to eye-popping proportions - or to dwindle down to pathetically small size.

Needless to say, Marianne has little to fear from any man now; she can make his most secret wish come true, or she can make his worst nightmare a reality. It’s just her luck that she gained this ability in the middle of an otherwise fairly boring date - but that’s about to change for them both. She takes charge of both the situation and her date, Matt, by making his cock grow to an epic size - but if he doesn’t pleasure her, she threatens to make him smaller than ever before! What’s Matt to do?

In Chapter Two, Marianne meets Aaron - an Army engineer who’s big and impressive in all places but one. Fortunately, that’s something Marianne can help him with, but there’s a condition - she has to be the first one to experience his new endowment. Join her as she and Aaron have the night of their lives - and Marianne accidentally overuses her special power. Aaron will gain a truly legendary tool, bigger than she even thought possible!

Bigger is an erotic short story in approximately 10,000 words across two chapters, and features two special M/F scenes mixed with magical ‘male enhancement’. This story is intended for adults only and is not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen. Also included is a free preview of Growing for Him, a breast-growth-themed erotic title also by Johannes Lowe.

Romans et littérature
8 décembre
Johannes Lowe

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