Famous Last Words Famous Last Words

Famous Last Words

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Publisher Description

From USA Today bestselling author Claudia Burgoa pens a page-turning tale of hard losses and second chances. This angsty romance will destroy readers' hearts and then put them back together again. Prepare to ugly cry like never before!

I shouldn’t be alive. 

I should’ve died in that plane crash.

Instead, I survived. 

Thrived, even. 

After all, I’m a rock star and a billionaire. 

There’s nothing I can’t buy. 

Nothing, except peace. 

And when it all comes crashing down around me… 

The guilt. 

The pain. 

The sorrow.

That’s when she appears. 

The one woman I’m not allowed to love. 

I needed her to fill the void after everything was lost. 

There she was, ready, and grieving too.

Both of us are broken, shattered people. 

So why does she make my heart want to beat again?

I need a new reason to keep breathing.

And I think that reason—is her.

Famous Last Words is a story of pain, forgiveness, and the faint, lingering hope of rekindling a love that once meant everything. 

11 March
Cyburg Ink, LLC

Customer Reviews

Jean-Rall ,

Absolutely Amazing, Emotional and Addictive Read

This is a heartbreaking and emotional second chance romance and it is Brahms and Seraphina’s story and omg it is definitely a must read but get those tissues ready because you are going to need them. Seraphina had gone through so much loss in her life and now her father had also died and she found out that he had mismanaged all the money and now everything had gone and she was on the brink of losing the centre that means everything to her all because she trusted her father so now she is drowning in debt and didn’t know what to do next and then a solution arrived but with it came even more complications but unfortunately Seraphina didn’t have any other choice. Brahms has music running through his veins but after a traumatic tragedy everything in his life fell apart so now he lives daily with the memories and guilt which has left him broken along with having demons that are so huge that they are swallowing him up and making him very reckless every day with his life and the latest accident was so bad that he was going into a special rehab centre to help him heal his broken and battered body only when he arrived standing before him is the one woman that he had always loved and still loved to this day before he destroyed everything between them and now he is determined to make things right and hopefully if he is lucky enough get a second chance. When all the secrets and lies are revealed will they be able to get the second chance that they both want so badly or is it already too late. Wow this story completely tears you apart, breaks your heart and leaves you crying so many times with everything that Brahms and Seraphina have had to battle through in their lives and have left them so broken that healing will take a lifetime with everything that they have lost which has devastated them both but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and if there love is strong enough it will fight hard to find that light and there love will then be able to stand the test of time. This book will take you on the biggest rollercoaster ride of your life so get ready and buckle up and be ready to have your heart completely shattered and then put back together in the most beautiful way possible. Claudia Burgoa certainly knows how to keep her readers attention throughout while you read one of her books because she is an incredible author and writer and her books are definitely worth reading and you really do not want to miss out because you will never be disappointed.

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