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Volume 38 is a continuation of Volume 37. It covers news for 7/26 of 2014. There's a Psychic Manifestation regarding the plane that crashed in a Nevada highway. A Psychic Prediction is regarding the dog named "Doctor" aligning with the statement "Doctor the Unknown" in the previous volume. Another is regarding the Sand Fire in Northern California on 7/26 of 2014. Strontium 1 is about the plane that made an emergency landing on a Nevada highway. Strontium 2 is about the 227 coffins delivered over from the MH17 crash linked to 2/27 as a calendar date. Strontium 4 is regarding the "Frozen" theme with the Walmart Ice Cream Sandwiches vs. "Love is an Open Door" where Anna and Hans finish each other's sandwiches. Strontium 5 is the song "Cream" by Prince vs. the "Sunflower Diaries" reference to the movie "Lovestruck" that aired in 2013 with Tom Wopat. Strontium 6 is regarding the Carlton Fire in Washington State that claimed 300 homes, the sandstorm in Phoenix, and the Sand Fire in Northern California. Chapter 1 is wher Ignorance is Bliss. Chapter 2 is about Chelsea Kane in "Lovestruck." Chapter 3 is about Romantic Inflation. Chapter 4 is about a surprise found inside a book. Chapter 5 is about the sacrifice of the U.S.S. Kelvin and George Kirk played by Chris Hemsworth who goes on to be Thor. Chapter 6 is about Zooey Deschanel mistaken for a bombing suspect. Chapter 7 is about the speech by Colonel Jessep in "A Few Good Men" who ordered the Code Red. Chapter 8 is about "As Good As It Gets." Chapter 9 is about Stevie Wonder. Chapter 10 is about the Coming of the "Alpaca Lips." Chapter 11 is about if you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the reign. Strontium 7 is regarding the unscrambling of the word "Hamas" that shows it's a very specific name configuration.

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Rod Island
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