Warriors: Power of Three #1: The Sight

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Erin Hunter’s #1 nationally bestselling Warriors series continues in Warriors: Power of Three!

The first book in this third series, Warriors: Power of Three #1: The Sight, brings more adventure, intrigue, and thrilling battles to the epic world of the warrior Clans.

Hollypaw, Jaypaw, and Lionpaw—grandchildren of the great leader Firestar—possess unusual power and talent. But secrets and uncertainty surround them, and a mysterious prophecy hints at trouble to come. The warrior code is in danger, and these three apprentices will need all of their strength to help the Clans survive.

Kids & Young Adults
MacLeod Andrews
hr min
December 3

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warriorsIScool ,

Make a custom oc (results below)!

Ok I sWEAR I will get around to doing your OCs Tigress. I’m so sorry we’re at Supercuts right now but I will try after I do my homework. Although my dad is coming home from a business trip tonight so maybe tomorrow? Im so sorry! 😅
Sunsetsplash: Yea I’d love to do yours! Sorry about the wait!!
1-15: 7
1-10: 3
1-34: 29
1-40: 40
1-84: 63
1-25: 19
1-24: 7, 14, 23
1-37: 6, 15, 26, 37
1-8: 4
1-16: 8
1-11: 11
Can’t wait to see who I get! Bai!
I’m in the process of remaking my generator, BUT YOU CAN STILL GET CATS! Some of your numbers have two options, one from this generator and one from my new one because my new one is a lot better. Not all of them tho, because I don’t have personality, siblings/parents, etc. down yet.
Here’s your first cat!
Name: Tawnyeye
Pelt: Torotiseshell
Eyes: Golden
Gender: Female
Rank: Loner
Clan: Previously DeathClan (run by xXGalacticSkiesXx or Dappleshade, if I’m not mistaken)
Mate/Kits: No mate or kits.
Siblings: one warrior, one queen, and two elders
Parents: loner/queen (I’m assuming she’s a permanent queen by this point, helping out in the nursery, bc if she has kits that are elders she’s probably too old for more kits)
Personality: Loyal, deadly, shy
Name: Violetbee
Pelt: brown, with a chocolate-brown tail-tip
Eyes: mismatched green and hazel
Gender: female
Mate: Stonedapple of ShadowClan, a spotted ginger-cinnamon tom with purple eyes (forbidden love)
Stumpylight, ginger-and-chocolate spotted tom
Finchcreek, chimaera cinnamon-and -chocolate she-cat
Mothspots, brown and ginger tom with one chocolate paw
So Tawnyeye is from my old generator, and Violetbee is from my new one.
Next oc!
Name: Frecklesong
Pelt: black-and-blue gray
Eyes: purple
Gender: Female
Rank: Healer Trainee
Clan: BloodClan (trainee is what their apprentices are called, and I’m not sure if they have med cats, I called them healers. I run BloodClan and you can submit in Dawn of the Clans!
Parents: kittypet/queen
Siblings: two, kit-age
Personality: funny, optimistic, and energetic
Name: Sharpsong/Windy
Gender: Tom
Mate: iT’s A sEcReT
Clan: DirtClan (Hollyfrost runs that, it’s in a vision of shadows somewhere I think)
Rank: kittypet (so he could be a kittypet exiled from DirtClan or he could be a kittypet joining DirtClan)
ThE eNd!!!
If you don’t want the extras I’ll take them! Thank you so much for generating some ocs!

Note: My kit generator “base” is now in the Eclipse Audiobook! (Power of sight… uhm… four?)
Hi! If you want to make your own oc, you can go to the first three books of the new prophecy. If you would like one custom-made for you, just submit here! You can leave it completely up to me or you can pick numbers, or give me a name, pelt color, eye color, anything! You can also put ocs up for adoption here. If you want to give me numbers, I need three. One can be from 1-370, the second one should be from 1-114, and the third from 1-10. Thanks!!! (I updated my generator! If you want to be REALLY accurate and *cough* waste your time *cough*, then pick some numbers that fit these ranges:
1-370 (prefixes)
1-114 (suffixes)
1-10 (mate, gender, and kits)
1-30 (markings and eyes)
1-70 (pelt)
1-15 (ranks)
1-29 (siblings)
1-25 (parents)
1-36 (personality) (pick 3 numbers pls!)
1-28 (Clan/Tribe)
Thank you!
Em: The sibling and parent generator only determined the ranks and number of siblings, not the gender. I wish they could but that would be too complicated (unless it was digital). Anyway, here are your cats!
Sighting of Sunlight Dapples on Leaves, chimera she-cat; half is tortoiseshell and the other half is pure white. She has one blue eye and one gold eye. She is an exile of the Tribe of Slashing Wolves (magnolias tribe in a dangerous path). She has three, kit-age siblings. Her parents are a kittypet and a deputy! Her mate is Ravenpelt (dark silver and gray tabby tom with light green eyes), and they are expecting their first litter of kits. She is nice, wise, and impatient (an interesting combo 🤨).
Hope you like her! Personally I think she’s adorable and I am immediately setting out to find a cat as cute as her :)
I’m doing great and I hope you stay safe, too!
Logflake, (weird name lol) dark ginger she-cat with dark green eyes. She has 4, kit-age siblings. Her Clan is ShadowClan! She had a mate who is now dead, and they had a forbidden love. You get to choose if she had his kits! (According to my generator she is dead. I guess she’s a starclan cat now? She could deliver a prophecy or something? You don’t have to kill her if you don’t want to ;))
Speck on Driftwood, (weird name day ig) dark silver tom with dark amber eyes. His rank is currently apprentice of the Tree Cats.
He will have a mate, Fang of Mist, a pale cream she-cat with mismatched blue and gray eyes, and one kit, Leap of Stag, a dark silver tom with mismatched blue and gray eyes.
Snapnose (LOL rhymes with Snaprose, one of my ocs), dark cinnamon she-cat with light amber eyes. She is a warrior of SkyClan. She has a mate, and you can choose if she has kits or not! Her mate’s name is Loudwhisper (LOLLLLLL) and he is a light brown tom with cream markings and fawn paws and ears. You can change anything about them, cause this time my generator gave you some pretty sus cats! Lol

suuuuuprg ,


Just delete your old review it’s not hard.

Weird all ,

I think I will get this at the library

I know nothing about this book but I’m sure it is good

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