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Don’t miss Tessa and Dastien in the exciting finale of the USA Today Alpha Girls series.

Tessa—part witch, part werewolf, raised human and now the unofficial leader of a newly minted supernatural alliance—gets a distressing call from her brother, Axel, in the middle of the night. Tessa and her mate, Dastien, race to save Axel, but Tessa's learned that nothing is ever easy in the supernatural world.

She has seconds to make a choice, but there’s only one thing Tessa can do to save the two most important men in her life—sacrifice herself.

The last thing Dastien hears from Tessa was her plea—help Axel.
But then their bond goes silent. He can’t hear her. He can’t feel her. And there’s no sign of the attackers who took her.

Dastien does everything he can to save Axel before calling his friends in a panic but when Dastien’s finally reunited with her, there’s no sign of recognition in her eyes.

No magic in her touch.

No wolf beneath the surface.

Everything that made Tessa who she was…has been erased.

“I love this series. I just think that it keeps getting better and better.”A Reader Lives A Thousand Lives

“I have enjoyed every minute of this book and will read what ever Aileen Erin wants to write at this point.” - Smada’s Book Smack

It’s time to binge the complete Alpha Girls series!

Book 1: Becoming Alpha
Book 2: Avoiding Alpha
Book 3: Alpha Divided
Book 4: Bruja
Book 5: Alpha Unleashed
Book 6: Shattered Pack
Book 7: Being Alpha
Book 8: Lunar Court
Book 9: Alpha Erased

Don’t miss Off Planet, the biggest and boldest adventure yet from the mind of Aileen Erin. It's perfect for fans of Claudia Gray's Defy the Stars and Maura Milan's Ignite the Stars!

Young Adult
May 12
Ink Monster, LLC
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Customer Reviews


Series just keeps getting better!!

I’ve been reading this series for awhile now and I’ve reread the series over and over. The book series just keeps getting better and better. This book got me crying, laughing and seriously tense!!! I love Dastein and Tessa! I really hope this series continues. I await for Samantha story!! Can’t wait.

BugFreeZone ,

A PERFECT ending to a BRILLIANT series!

Dear readers, be advised.


Side effects may include:

Uncontrollable binge reading
Book hangovers
Extreme nail biting
Ocasional tears
Random outbursts of joy
Intense feelings of love for fictional characters

I’ve read every one of the ALPHA books, and I ADORE them ALL!!!!

Alpha Erased is a brilliant conclusion to an epic saga. I would be begging for more if it weren’t for the upcoming SAMANTHA TRILOGY, not to mention ON MISSION, both of which I would like someone to put in my hands right now, please and thank you.

In the words of Ronnie Chieng, “I need it NOW!!!”

Okay, look, I’ll try to be patient. I will. But I get just as excited for each new book as I do for entire new seasons of my favorite Netflix series.

I can’t wait to dive into them, and they NEVER disappoint!

In Alpha Erased, Tessa disappears. I honestly think I missed her as much as Dastien did, which is saying a lot. If you care about this couple as much as I do, the first half of this book will be brutal to read, especially amid social distancing and all the people we’re missing right now.

Keep tissues handy.

Dastien’s looking for her everywhere, but nothing’s working. Leads turn into dead ends. Magic is failing him. Even the fey are powerless to help. And he can’t feel their bond.

But take heart! All your favorite characters will show up to lend their support.

It’s like an Avengers movie, with werewolves.

Speaking of which, if you’ve never read the Alpha books, don’t start with this one. You won’t get nearly as much out of it if these characters aren’t already your 20+ best friends.

Start with Becoming Alpha and read them straight through.

Then, while you’re waiting for the SAMANTHA SERIES (omg happy dance!!!), read Off Planet and Off Balance. One of my favorite scenes of any book or movie of all time takes place in Off Balance, by the way. Just saying.

I know, I know, I’m supposed to be talking about this book. But I have a firm policy of never including spoilers in any review, and in the words of Iñigo Montoya, “Let me explain … no, there is too much.”

I refuse to spoil ANYTHING about this BRILLIANT series that you just have to read for yourself. I will only say this:

There were parts where I was so worried, I was ready to throw my Kindle off a mountain. And parts where I was so happy, I cried.

Reading doesn’t get any better than that. #AileenErin #BookLife

This book ships TODAY, May 12!!!

My sincere and humble thanks to the author for letting me read an early review copy on Net Galley.

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