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Brenna's Boys
**Book 1 in The Rowdy R Ranch Adventures Series*
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Brenna’s Boys
Brenna has grown up in a two room cottage in the middle of an isolated field in Pennsylvania with only her Mother and her horses by her side. Her Granny and the modest mystery novels she brings along are her only contact to the outside world. She is the epitome of innocence, until her mother passes. Then she is kicked out of her home and forced to enter civilization for the first time in twenty-four years. Five weeks later she finds herself the victim of a serial rapist. Alone and scared she stays on the railcar for hours afraid her attacker will be waiting for her at her home. When the railcar she is attacked on finally comes to a stop only one man pays her any attention and that man is being paid to help her.

Anthony “Skip” Vaughn is a man on a mission. He is sworn by duty to protect the innocent but his need to protect the small redhead he is called to question outweighs any feelings he has ever felt for a victim… or anyone, for that matter! After more than one attempt on her life Anthony sequesters her away on a ranch in Texas with twelve other men. The hardest part, since the attack Brenna cannot stand to be touched; the simplest brush of a hand sends her into debilitating panic attacks. Can Anthony, with some help from his childhood friend, Ryker, eleven ranch hands, and a stubborn horse, pull her out of the depression she's spiraling into? Can he convince her that his touch is not meant to harm her? Will he be able to show her love before her attacker finds her again?

**Mature content due to explicit language-adult situations-graphic material-deals with rape**

December 21
Stacy Lee
Smashwords, Inc.

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