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Testing My Patience --Patronus Series Book three--
It is highly recommended to read the two books before this one first!
EST 294 digital pages

Will she choose the man for her…
Or will fear send her into the arms of another?

Patience Moody has known since she was old enough to comprehend it that there were things in this world you just didn’t mess with. Then there are times you just have to throw firecrackers at their heads! A healer who prides herself on the fact she saves the humans form the attacks of the supernatural breeds that tear them apart she moves from town to town keeping her secret safe and herself hidden. With an angry shifter chasing her across New York state for the better part of eight years she has learned to keep herself under the radar. Till now.

Fin and Bane are sent to retrieve the newest Patronus mate before Monty’s vamps can snatch her. When he sat out on the adventure Fin never expected to find the tiny gun toting street smart healer much less to realize instantly she was his. He also never expected her to shoot him! With anger and flash backs from spending time as Monty’s prisoner a year ago clouding his head he makes a few decisions that lead the little woman to fear him more than trust him.
Will she let her fear rule her choices? And if she does what will he do to her when he realizes she was no longer his?

Fear, anger, memories and love lead us on a new journey into the world of the six ruling Patronus brothers. Will Fin have his mate or will Bane take her from him?

**Mature Content**

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
June 2
Stacy Lee
Smashwords, Inc.

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