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Rowdy R Ranch Adventures Book #2

Kidnapped at age nine, Two is the only name she knows. When her Master realizes his favorite sex slave is pregnant she is faced with his wrath and by a little miracle escapes her prison. Alone, bleeding, naked and pregnant she runs through the forests surrounding her home with the hopes of saving her child. But has she ran right into the arms of the enemy or her savior?

Ryker Baines is a no nonsense, perpetually happy and relaxed type a guy. Not much can ruffle the feathers of the almost seven foot retired Army medic turned rancher. After leaving the Army he has made his home on the Rowdy R Ranch, 250 acres of prime Texas land, enjoying his friends, the men who work for him and his horses. When he finds the abused, bleeding and pregnant woman at the edge of a forested area on a back field, he takes her in and cares for her. Immediately he notices things aren't right with the young woman. She cant give him a name, she asks for permission to talk, 'Sir' follows every sentence she speaks, she refuses to look anyone in the eyes and she seems to not have a problem with being naked in front of everyone.

Can the large teddy bear of a man show her that the real world isn't what she has been told it is for years? Can he teach her that life is worth living every moment to the fullest without fear of punishment? Or will her Master succeed in taking her back to her life in captivity as a sex slave?

**Mature content due to explicit language-adult situations-graphic material-deals with rape**

December 22
Stacy Lee
Smashwords, Inc.

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