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Serene Choices --Book two of the Patronus Series--
It is highly recommended to read the first book before tackling this one!

Marked for two...
Predestined for only him.....

Serene Tranquility Woods is anything but what her name states she is. While out with her friend on their weekly girls night she is approached by a man with metallic yellow eyes and pale skin. He insists she leave with him and when she adamantly refuses he escorts her out anyway. As she struggles to free herself a dark eyed man comes to her rescue. A dark eyed man she instantly despises and yet...... she feels she needs to follow him. Feels he is part of her destiny.
When Emmitt is sent on the mission of retrieving the newest mate located he never dreamed he would come across the firecracker in front of him. She was loud, outspoken, determined and she drives him crazy with her continued use of bad language. The woman is a menace and....he hopes she belongs to him. But did she?
Cash is the ultimate soldier. Hard, cold and unmoving. The complete opposite and yet exactly the same as the woman Emmitt drags in over his shoulder kicking and screaming. There is no way this obnoxious woman was meant for him.... was there?
The birthmark marking her a Beyer's mate is plainly visible on her neck showing the initials of both Emmitt and Cash. None of them had seen such a thing. Who was her intended mate or did her choice between them matter more than they originally thought? Would she choose with her heart or with her brain? All Serene wants to know is how the heck does she get out of choosing all together?
Once the decision is made the players in this game find they are not the only ones who have been forced into hard choices against their wills. Secrets will be revealed and peoples life will be in danger. Who will manage to come out on top and win the game they didn't volunteer to play?

**Mature content!**

May 17
Stacy Lee
Smashwords, Inc.

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