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Saving the human race proves to be far more difficult than he could ever have imagined. Mike Hurst, a former Army Sergeant, is thrust into a role that should be handled by someone use to dealing with major military organizations and politicians.
His new alien friend, Jonelle, is certain that he is more than capable, especially after he is upgraded with some very unique abilities. He is now able to communicate to other upgraded people, without speaking; and his mind can handle hundreds of complicated tasks simultaneously. Also, there is a great deal of self confidence to be had by possessing three times the strength of a normal human being.
Mike knows that he must recruit good people. Jonelle urges him to pursue other old combat vets, who will be upgraded and brought into the warrior class. But Mike realizes, while that is important, perhaps of greater impact would be the recruitment of senior military leaders, such as an old General, whom he hated.
He begins to build a staff, by kidnapping the old General, as well as one of his men from Iraq and his badly injured son and daughter-in-law. They would form the first members of his staff. Yet, in spite of small, awkward successes, he fears their progress is far too slow and nothing mankind can do will prevent the complete destruction of the human race.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 8
Bruce George
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Mech360 ,

I'm going to follow this author.

An interesting base plot for the series. I find myself invested in the characters already and the chemistry is good. The few misspellings are understandable and forgivable. I will write a more substantial review after reading book 2.

DoKnowHarm ,

It had soooo much potential

This book had the makings of a military science fiction on close to par with John Scalzi’s “Old Man’s War”. The author set the tone for a great character and plot and combined that with exciting physical abilities given to the new breed of human warrior the likes of which draw hordes of interested readers from science fiction and even super hero genres. The author spends a great deal of time setting up the plot and developing the main characters while their newfound abilities are teased to employ into some amazing action scenes.

Sadly, the physical abilities are teased throughout the entire first three books in the series. Each book culminating in only 1 disappointing and brief piece of action. What could have been like Eric Nyland’s take on the Halo Universe was instead pieced together like a soap opera with the major event teased for an eternity, the plot twists and character flaws all too transparent and predictable and stretched and repeated on and on and on. I had hoped that by the third book my patience and love as a reader would pay off and I was sadly disappointed.

If you are a fan of military science fiction where the main character has some imaginative impressive abilities and technological advantages and puts them to use in combat against a terrible and competent enemy trying to prevail when the stakes are high. Then this book is not for you. This book has all of that except for the descriptive and immersive action.

If you are into politics and romance novels, enjoy playing the game of monopoly or risk while you watch a soap opera or a hallmark Christmas movie (pick any, the plot and character developments are all long, over drawn out, and mirrors of each other and want your violence watered down and brief; if you like your super heroes to have incredible powers like strength and speed, but never use them, then this is the series for you.

To the Author: Your idea was incredible. Your execution, in my opinion, was like a chef who invented an amazing dish but when it came time to prepare it, doubled half the ingredients and didn’t use the other half.

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