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Against all odds, Piper Anderson has managed to pick up the pieces of her life. She's holding tight to her budding romance with Officer Bobby Wright, anxious to have her moment with him. Now encircled by fiercely loyal friends, she finally feels like she's standing at the edge of a normal life. That is until reports of a brutal attack at the local college campus turn her dream of happily ever after into a nightmare. The unmistakably familiar details of the attack are an instant reminder of the chains tying her to people and places she so badly wants to escape. 

With her life and friends in danger, Piper must confront her past in order to fight for her future. To make matters worse, Piper and Bobby once again find their moral compasses pointing them in opposite directions. But what Piper doesn't know is that Bobby has secrets of his own. How can their love survive when their pasts have shaped them so differently?  Piper's choices could bring her the freedom she yearns for, but will cutting ties with the past sever her relationship with Bobby?

July 22
Random Acts Publishing
Danielle Stewart

Customer Reviews

Boston Tessie girl ,

Loving it!

Thanks so much for putting the book on I tunes. I loved the first book and I'm only a couple chapters deep with Cutting Ties and I'm hooked. I can't get enough of Piper, I totally relate to her awkwardness. I'll be reading all morning till I finish. Nothing better then a cup of coffee and a great book. Nice job Danielle Stewert.

Gin's Book Notes ,

Cutting Ties is Fantastic! Love the Piper Anderson Series!

Cutting Ties is Book 2 in the Piper Anderson Series and it is just as wonderful as Book 1, Chasing Justice. Danielle has a gift for drawing you into her stories and making you care about the lives that she has created with her words.

Book 2 delivers more action, suspense, and romance while at the same time taking a deeper look at how a person’s past can affect their current decisions and relationships. It also examines that invisible moral line that exists for most of us. That line where we know we won’t cross and if we do that we can never be the same person again. For some that line might be small, like its okay to steal (aka: take home) a few office supplies but not okay to borrow money from the office petty cash. For others it might be big, like its okay to take a life as long as you are saving others. These are the issues that confront Piper, Bobby, and several other characters in Cutting Ties.

One thing I do want to make clear is that in no way is this book “preachy”. It offers both sides of the coin. It shows you that everything is not always black and white; that most of the time things are in fact a muddy shade of gray. The characters are engaging, the action is high, and the suspense is killer. So, needless to say, I highly recommend this series not just as a great story to get lost in but as a chance to examine our views and discover where we might stand on our own invisible lines of morality.

Frank 1111 ,

Cutting ties

What a wonderful book, it took me to a place where i wanted to know everyone personally. Why and how they feel, what makes the quest to find love and forgiveness so strong that we will do just about anything to feel it. Piper gives me faith in love again and Betty gave me strong hopes that kindness can change the world.
Loved the book

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