Disavow: Web of Hearts and Souls #17 Disavow: Web of Hearts and Souls #17

Disavow: Web of Hearts and Souls #17


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Publisher Description

Mason Wade had fought death, and to some degree he had won.
Mason and the others discovering how closely his past is connected to the paranormal war at hand have only scratched the surface of how deeply entwined those who lurk at the Falcon Manor are; a painful lesson Indie is forced to learn as she fights to rise to her role as the Queen of the Veil and protect the hearts of her own. An impossible decision must be made; no matter the choice lovers will divide. The only real question is whose sacrifice will be for the greater good.
Special note to the reader: This Novel is part of the “Web of Hearts and Souls,” a massive story where more than one series connect. The series can be read separately or together.

COMBINED WEB OF HEARTS AND SOULS READING ORDER: Insight, Embody, Image, Whispers of the Damned, Witness, Vital, Vindicate, Synergy, Enflame, Redefined, Rivulet, Imperial, Blakeshire, Derive, Emanate, Exaltation, Disavow, The Witches, Revolt, Scorched Souls.
*If you are a fan of Adult Paranormal Edge (Season 1&2) can be read with the Web of Hearts, before of after Exaltation--the stories share the same characters.

INSIGHT READING ORDER: Insight, Embody, Image, Vital, Vindicate, Enflame, Rivulet, Imperial, Blakeshire (Drake's Story), Emanate, Exaltation, Disavow.
SEE READING ORDER: Whispers of the Damned, Witness of a Broken Heart, Synergy of Souls, Redefined Love Affair, Derive (Aden's Beginning), A Lovers Revolt, Scorched Souls.

EDGE SERIES READING ORDER Alphas Rise, Dark Lure, Sacred Betrayal, Risen Lovers, Fall of Kings, Queens Rise, Stolen Son, Disloyal Souls, Aftermath.

We all fell hard for Twilight. We lost ourselves in the teen angst of Vampire Diaries, Fallen, and Hush, Hush. We found courage in the pages of Hunger Games, Divergent, and the Maze Runner. Our imagination was on fire inside of Mortal Instruments, Throne of Glass, and The Red Queen. We fell back into our childhoods with the likes of Cinder. And now we have the compelling, enigmatic, character driven thrill ride of the long reaching contemporary fantasy series INSIGHT.

Fans of contemporary and paranormal fantasy you cannot go wrong! Looking for ghosts? Angels? Demons & Devils? Witches? Gods? How about action and adventure wrapped around the romance of soul mates? Do you like to dive into the mystics? Science Fiction elements found in our own realm? Past lives or the zodiac? Ancient and modern civilizations? Spirituality? A setting that is contemporary, urban, and otherworldly? How do you feel about psychics? What about gothic elements? All of this and so much more is wrapped in this long reaching teen
series. Insight is the foundation for not only its self titled series but also as a thread in the Web of Hearts and Souls Series, where several series intertwine to offer a mind-bending experience for the reader. If you're looking for originality and one hell of a deal this book is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Young Adult
October 27
Jamie Magee
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

L. Swan ,

An Amazing Read

An amazing adventurous read with lost lovers reuniting and a rising Queen with her guardians navigating their new lives in the roles they've been preparing themselves for. This part of the sister series of the Web of Hearts and Souls starts where it last left off with Indie and her guardians Mason and Gavin adjusting to their new immortal lives and roles with Mason seeming to have a more difficult time concentrating. A lot of growth happens for the group as the Queen of the Veil learns more about the responsible she will inherit once rising as the world of the living and dead being to merge in an epic battle.
Mason and River had an innocent romance when they first met with it being torn apart by tragedy and grief only to find themselves reunited once again, fighting their attraction and healing once another's gaping wounds of their lost romance. River is determined to understand the knowledge hidden within that only she can access while healing from a broken love she never expected to encounter again. I like River's no nonsense attitude and blunt personality very amusing, and her adamant drive to save a lost family member while aiding those around her. Mason is adorably chaotic as he fights to win his love back, revealing hidden feelings and truths while attempting to keep his roles in life separate and untarnished.
Phoenix and Indie have a rewarding romance as they are finally reunited and on equal terms in their new lives. Indie's growth into becoming the Queen of the Veil and understanding her new identities is consuming to read about, a decision has to be made and its falls on her with the consequences being otherworldly. Phoenix is still coming to terms with his lover's new responsibility fearing the worst and trying to prepare for whatever decision has to be made, calling on the help of old friends as they make the biggest move to free those trapped in the Lord's of Death's grips.

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