Divine Desire Divine Desire
Book 3 - Lotus House

Divine Desire

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Editorial Reviews

”Carlan expertly pens a uniques tory with the perfect amount of wit, emotion, and deliciously hot sex. Mila and Atlas's story will have you flipping the pages as fast as you can and then wanting to start all over again once you've finished."

–K. Bromberg, New York Times Bestselling Author

"Divine Desire is a sensual and passionate novel you will devour from the beginning to the end!"

–Anissa Garcia, Christian Grey Fan Page

"I could say I'll treasure this book in my heart forever, but that's a lie. This one has become a precious keepsake in my soul."

–Angel Payne, USA Today Bestselling Author

"I devoured this baby in one sitting. Sexy, steamy hot, heartfelt, sweet, fun—MUST READ!"

–AC Book Blog

"Audrey Carlan continues to be a favorite go–to author of mine and I don't ever see that changing."

–Crazy Daisy Book Blog


When veteran yoga instructor Mila Mercado was asked to attend a new class and report back to the studio, she had no idea that the over-confident, ruggedly sexy newbie Atlas Powers was going to teach more than just a very controversial and erotic form of yoga.

New instructor Atlas Powers has two passions in life: his music career and steamy by-the-book Mila Mercado. He teaches yoga by day and works at his passion by night until the fiery woman walks into his class and gives the term desire a whole new dimension.

In this wicked hot tale of love and lust, two struggling artists are trying to make their dreams come true. Only one thing gets in the way… until they stop fighting long enough to burn up the sheets and the yoga studio with a divine desire neither of them can avoid.

December 27
Waterhouse Press
Waterhouse Press, LLC

Customer Reviews

Kristie Koste ,

Divine Desire is a decadent escape filled with love, heat, and heavenly sensuality...divine indeed..

Divine Desire
By: Audrey Carlan

5 Star Review by Kristie K

Divine Desire is a decadent escape filled with love, heat, and heavenly sensuality…divine indeed…

For Mila Mercado, yoga is a way of life, but her passion is painting. Working toward her dream has been a challenge. Working long hours to make ends meet, and even longer hours in the studio with her paintbrush, doesn’t leave much time for a social life. Determined to follow her dream, Mila will not let anything stand between her and her greatest wish…not even the hot new yoga teacher who heats every one of her nerve endings…

For Atlas Powers, yoga keeps him centered, and pays the bills until his true passion comes to fruition. Music is his life…his blood, sweat and tears, and the only thing he has every wanted to do. Working days at the yoga studio, nights in the club, and every other minute on his music, Atlas doesn’t have time for much else…except driving the hot little latina at the yoga studio out of her mind. His determination to make her his is nearly as strong as his desire to follow his dreams…which divine desire will win out?

Oh. My. Heavens…Ms. Carlan has outdone herself yet again. Divine is a perfect name for the third installment in the Lotus House Series. I was completely enthralled from the first page to the last. Atlas Powers is an adorably sexy, charming, and unbelievably HOT man with just the right amount of alpha male to take things up a notch in the bedroom…not to mention handling the hot, independent little latina that is Mila Mercado.

“Oh, I’m getting it. Taking it. Living and breathing it in until we’re too exhausted to give it anymore.” ~Atlas Powers~

These two burn up the pages, their back and forth banter, jabs, and heated exchanges make for incredibly fun reading. When things get deeper, the way each of them handles those situations holds a realism that is unique to Ms. Carlan. Many authors bring realism, but none quite like she does. I adored both characters, and the integration of other characters from previous (and future) books, is totally awesome. The plot is well thought out, without holes, and expertly executed. I am already jonesing to see a story for Clay and Moe (hint hint, Ms. Carlan). The storyline flowed effortlessly, and was incredible from beginning to end. Thank you, Ms. Carlan for another amazing journey. With each and every one of her books, she creates a Divine Desire all her own…

Kristie K.

coffeegoddesstmk ,

Naked Yoga, You Say?

What do you get when two hot-blooded, artistic, people are in the same room? Well, if it's DIVINE DESIRE by author Audrey Carlan, you get Mila Mercado and Atlas Powers, two of the sexiest most well-paired yoga instructors to come out of Lotus House.

All that Mila the artist really wants to do is to work on her craft. Seeing a subject in most everyone, she yearns to focus on doing what comes naturally to her full time, to pour out her passion in her painting and share it with the world. In the meantime, though, she's busy as a yoga instructor at Lotus House. Well, that, and fighting her passion for Lotus House's newest yogi, Atlas Powers.

When Atlas suggests teaching an, erm, unorthodox form of yoga as part of the Lotus House line-up, Mila is tapped to attend and report back to her bosses. But what Mila mostly gets out of the class is a major case of the hots for him, and a wicked idea that will have them spending lots of time together.

Audrey's Lotus House series has so many things going for it. I have come to understand things about yoga that I did not know before, and her inclusion of the practices of yoga make for an earthiness and sensuality that add so much to these books.

Mila and Atlas are a fiery mix of artistic temperment that combust to make one heck of a hot couple. Beyond the physical, though, both are working through things from their past, and trying to make their way to their happy despite it. When those ghosts from the past come home to roost, Mila and Atlas have their work cut out for them, and it's an emotional road that the two have to travel to come out on the other side.

Audrey has once again written a story that simultaneously grabs you by the heartstrings and heats things up, and it's one that I thoroughly enjoyed. 5 no-question stars for DIVINE DESIRE, as expected. And, based on the little snippet at the end of this book, we're going to love LIMITLESS LOVE, the next book in the series, so if you haven't read the first books, now's the time to get caught up. Fans of Audrey should move these books right to the top of their TBRs, and get reading!

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