Silent Sins Silent Sins
Book 5 - Lotus House

Silent Sins

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My name is Honor, but I have none to speak of. I’m a high-society princess on the verge of ending it all. I have nothing to show for my life, though my bank account would say otherwise. Money and status has controlled every ounce of my world and I want no part of it. It’s what took away the most important person in my life. He’s gone and I’m alone, and no one is here to save me. Pain is the only pleasure I can feel anymore.

To find a healthier avenue to deal with my grief, I turned to Lotus House Yoga for salvation—and found it in the tall, dark, and brutally attractive Nicholas Salerno. He’s everything I’m not. Lives every day to the fullest, loves his family, and goes after what he wants with a thrust that’s unmatched. I can’t help but be swept up in his beauty as he attempts to show me the light and reawaken my desires. Except Nick doesn’t know what I’ve hidden, and I’m afraid he’ll despise what he finds…when my sins are no longer silent.

April 3
Waterhouse Press
Waterhouse Press, LLC

Customer Reviews

ilovereadingJO ,

Holy Mother of… MUST READ

I fell in love with Honor and Nick as I read, Silent Sins, a story of resiliency, love and passion. Honor is frightened to show the world what she fears and hides them on her body under her own version of body art. Nick takes one look at Honor and knows that she is the girl he will dominate in all things. Both, Nick and Honor, have parts of their past that have driven them to this point in their lives when they realize love can and will conquer all. Will Honor let Nick help her? Does Nick have something he needs to share with Honor to help make him whole? This is a must read sexy story of renewed life and passionate love built around strong families.

Cokkieegirl ,


Audrey Carlan! You made me cry again! I swear to god above I do this to every book you have and also wish my man I would not leave for one whole weekend! Lol! This book is amazing and all the love in this book, I can’t even explain. So much to cry about but a good cry. Honor and Nicks story is amazing and this book showcases their loved for one another. Love it! Can’t wait for the next book!

Szmoromou ,

Astonishing Story

Silent Sins knocked me down and rebuilt me up word by word. What an astonishing story about a girl named Honor and the pain and struggles she endures in a life she battles to live in day in and out. Honor has never felt like she belonged in the life she was dealt. A life where status, money and pedigree is only excepted. Except Honor doesn't want this life, and the one other person that understood her and was a part of her is now gone. The one person who loved her and excepted her for Her. Although Honor is breathing and moving, she isn't living, isn't feeling. There is only one way she feels, one way to feel alive, and that is hidden in shame because it isn't healthy or excepted. Finally deciding to make some changes in her life, with the encouragement of her therapist, Honor attends a yoga class. A class that changes her life forever...Nick. Nick the Italian Stallion is the yogi teaching the class.
From the moment Nick bumped into Honor he saw his future. There was just something about her that called to Nick and he had to know more about the beauty in his class. Oh and did Honor make him work for it. Nick's charm and persistence broke down Honor's walls and she finally allowed him in. Nick brought the high that Honor needed to feel alive and Honor brought him the peace and completeness he was missing for so long.
Nick and Honor complete each other in such a stunning way. They are both the pieces the other needed to be whole and it was beautiful to watch their love unravel in Silent Sins and heal each other. Audrey Carlan brought to light a really serious problem in today's society with dignity and grace. Also, the importance of realizing ones self worth, and the power it gives us. LOVED IT AUDREY, LOVED IT!

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