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Eric 754 is the fourth book in this futuristic science fiction and fantasy series from USA Today Bestselling Author Donna McDonald. 

Eric often forgets he's a cyborg. All Lucy sees in the mirror is a killing machine.

Marine Lance Corporal Eric Anderson tended to forget he was a cyborg. Most of the time he didn't give his past as a military machine any thought. He'd always lived by his human gut and not his logic chip, so thinking outside of the cybernetic box was just how he worked. 

Then he met her--Evelyn 489--a female cyborg so erratically dangerous she has to be kept locked away. Angry, violent, and full of deadly intentions, she epitomizes every fear about cyber scientists that ever kept him awake at night. 

Until Eric gave into his urge to be her hero, the woman didn't know she used to be Army Captain Lucille Evelyn Pennington. Though Peyton is full of doubts, Eric is compelled to help Kyra and Nero restore the woman who once liked to be called Lucy. 

It doesn't help his cause that several people seem determined to kill her before that gets to happen. Now everyone, including Eric, is wondering about the secrets hidden inside of the most dangerous cyborg ever made.

ABOUT THIS SERIES - Set in the future, this science fiction action and adventure series explores military boundaries in a tale of created cyborgs and genetic engineering. It contains strong romance elements for paranormal, science fiction, and urban fantasy romance fans.

November 25
Donna McDonald
Donna McDonald

Customer Reviews

~Mindy Lou~ ,

Great Scifi series!

This might be my favorite book in the series so far. This series seems to be more heavy on the scifi than the romance, which is ok but I do like a balance of both and Eic and Lucy's story seemed to have that balance. Donna McDonald has done a great job with the details of the Cyborgs and what they can do I almost wish there were more fighting scenes to truly enjoy that part of this story. What you are getting is the cyborgs being recovered and restored to free them from the evil scientist that have abused their power over them. I do think the author may be headed towards an epic battle though. I would recommend reading in order even though these could stand on their own. You get pieces of the bigger picture with each book and my fascination is growing with each piece that is unlocked. This book series would make a great tv series. ARC provided by NetGalley.

Snoopyvet ,

Love this series

Like the rest of this series I fell in love with this book from page one and didn't want to stop reading until the book was done. I'm loving how the author combines sci-fi and romance in the same book. She has done a wonderful job with the storyline and keeping my interest. I loved seeing more new characters introduced and hope to learn more about them in future reads. If you like sci-fi and romance this is a good read for you

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