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As the ultimate bodyguard, Ahmed's focus has been protecting the lives of everyone he cares about.  When the darkest part of his past resurfaces, Ahmed knows he must go on the offensive to protect his future . . . a future with the one woman that can match his toughness and return the love that was once robbed from him.

Bridget Springer's private security work involves training with a mysterious man feared by many in her line of work. She finds herself drawn to Ahmed despite his attempts to remain distant.  Bridget vows to help Ahmed in his pursuit of justice, not knowing the full danger that she would find along the way.

As Bridget and Ahmed's passion heats up, so does the threat from Ahmed's oldest enemy.  Can they defeat him and finally be free to pursue their chance at love?

January 20
Laurens Publishing
Laurens Publishing

Customer Reviews

Jac attack 1234 ,

I cannot get enough of this family and town

It is amazing. Keep it up!

MelissaNY666 ,

Beginning to End

They made for each other, not Rose sister must make it happen

isalaur ,

Such a great series!!

So sorry to see this series come to an end...though the epilogue hints that we are in for a sequel featuring the next generation, something that Nora Roberts did very successfully in her MacGregor series.

This final chapter in the series wraps up all the single characters in Keeneston very nicely. Ahmed and Bridget's story is done very well and I particularly like the way her father's role is written. The final face off is a bit anticlimactic when compared with other books in the series...don't want to give spoilers so won't say more other than wishing more regulars were involved.

I strongly recommend this series and this author. I like the way she combines the romance and suspense elements. I particularly like that she doesn't stick to what seems to be the standard formula. Since we all know in a romance the male and female protagonists are going to end up together that part of the plot is pretty much resolved about 200 pages (ebook) from the end...about 60% in. Then the remaining 200 or so pages are devoted to resolving the suspense part of the story and whatever wrap up/lead in to the next book is needed. I'd say it's a formula that works since I just bought and read the first 10 books in less than four days!!

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