Forever Wilde

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Nothing lasts forever...if you're lucky. 

Life has never been smoother for Tarot-reading artifact hunter Sara Wilde. With a worldwide criminal organization at her beck and call, she can finally secure the safety of the youngest and most vulnerable members of the psychic community. Sure, she's been banged up a little, and the Magician's most recent attempts to heal her turned her temporarily immortal. But otherwise...things are coming up roses.

Then Sara discovers an enclave of psychic children whose DNA has been dangerously altered, making them the hottest targets on the planet for traffickers. A new strain of technoceutical drugs is flooding the arcane black market, and powerful Connecteds, the Arcana Council, and even Interpol are intent on discovering its source. To protect the children and her House, Sara joins the hunt. What she discovers, however, causes her to question everything she knows about the war on magic and her own deeply buried motivations.

Still reeling from those revelations, Sara reluctantly partners with the Magician to find and retrieve the most elusive member of the Council, the Hanged Man. Working together far too closely for comfort, Sara learns a series of startling truths about the mercurial, exasperating, and manipulative Magician--including one secret that could finally give her the answers she most craves...if it doesn't destroy her first.

The hits just keep on coming when you're Forever Wilde.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
December 27
Elewyn Publishing
Jennifer Stark

Customer Reviews

sage healer ,

Another Great Sara Wilde Urban Fantasy Adventure!!

Sara continues her fight to save and protect young psychics from those bent on capturing them for unknown reasons. She is asked to team up with the Magician to locate the Hanged Man and convince him to return to sit on the Arcane Council. Much action, magic, intrigue and continuation of Sara Wilde ’s growth in her leadership of the House of Swords and development of her powers. Another gread read from Jenn Stark. This series has everything I love in urban fantasy story telling. On to read Book 7.

PalatableDinner ,

Forever Wilde

This book has a lot of rehashing and recapping of information, skips character development, and ends with a cliche. Also, the plot armor is real and Sara’s “romance” with Armaeus continues to be contrived.

The author deliberately ignores common sense questions surrounding Sara’s immortality in order to drag out the story just like how she neglected to ask about her biological mother when was discussing her parentage with Willem in book 3. For someone who has avoided thinking about where the money she’s paid comes from, Sara conveniently knows quite a bit about the inner workings of drug operations. Like in the previous book, she’s just gifted knowledge the moment she needs it, skipping character development and showing off her plot armor.

It’s problematic how Sara keeps spinning toxic behavior as “pushing her” like an athlete and it continues to go unaddressed. She also implies the twins are no longer perfect simply because they’re not Connected anymore when she says, “I could see they were perfect. Their DNA sequences patterned after the freaking Flower of Life, same as what Father Jerome showed us in those infants. Now that pattern’s no longer there.”

Continuity errors. Sara somehow gives Blue a vial that she already gave her a few seconds ago. Sara recaps that a Molotov cocktail was thrown through a window at Jerome’s safe house when it was a remotely detonated bomb in the previous book. MP3 players should be dead by now. She is somehow reassured by arriving in his office instead of his bedroom or deck that things were going to be all business even though she had healing sex with him in book 4 in said office. She is also weirdly surprised at the properties of her immortality despite being informed from Armaeus’ journey of going from immortal, to mortal, and back to immortal in books 2 through 4.

math wizard ,

Future Threads

Excellent! Enter a new character who deals with electricity. We have the past coming to the fore and it involves Sara and Armaeus and what happened in hell. Their relationship has been building since the beginning but really escalated since hell. How long will they fight the attraction? Now let's add in other news since Sara became the head of the House of Swords. The plot thickens and the war on magic is getting closer. Nicki, Nigel and so many others are important and the drugs and children are becoming even more important. As the major cards gather we will see many things change.

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