Hard Ride #2

A Novel in Three Parts

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Liv never expected to find herself trapped in a dark alley facing a band of rough bikers. And she certainly never expected to see him again. But Shock is no longer wealthy kid that Liv remembers from college. Instead of inheriting his family's fortune and becoming a billionaire, he's a hard-bodied, tattooed member of a biker gang. And he'll do anything to have her in his bed and on his bike.

Liv makes a choice to stay with Shock and his gang--and soon discovers that they share everything. In his strong arms, she's able to let go and feel, surrendering to her most forbidden fantasies. Shock unleashes a passion in of her that she's never experienced before, pushing her boundaries and pulling her deeper into his sensual world. But when reality comes crashing back, Liv has to decide if she can trust Shock with more than just her body.

This is part two of HARD RIDE, a three part novel.

April 14
St. Martin's Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

sheila0873 ,

keeps getting hotter!!!

Excellent continuation of the first part of this story. It picks up right where the last one left off.
The lack of honest communication between these two was driving me crazy!! Neither one of them thinks the other has true deep feelings for the other.They both decide to just take advantage of the month that they have together.
They finally have make love, which is her first time since being raped in college. Shock was so sweet and set the whole thing up as this huge romantic scenario with candles all over the place...(sigh)...
They spend the whole book exploring each other physically, but holding back emotionally. Neither one wants to take a chance at being hurt.
Just as Liv is admitting to herself that she loves him, someone steps in to make her doubt every sweet thing he'd done and made her feel like she was wasn't anything special. Just another notch on his belt, so to speak. This person made it sound like Shock had some secrets that Liv wonders about.
I really hope these two can be finally be honest to one another and just love each other in the last part!

NinaPinina ,

Hotter than the first book

This installment is so much better than the first one for me, which was more of an introduction to the story. Book two gives us more insight into why Liv pushed Shock away all those years ago in college. Someone she thought was her friend and classmate raped her at a frat party he betrayed her trust. She pushed Shock away that’s why sex isn’t comfortable for her she practically a virgin. This is the point in the book that we find out Shocks true nature, which is not to just be a big bad biker but a sweet caring man who wants nothing more than to keep Liv in his arms forever. He doesn’t push her to have sex he waits until she is ready but he shows her how pleasurable sex can be. Does she feel the same way as he does? He keeps asking himself the question as he moves Live into his cabin home and they start a sexual relationship. Shock doesn’t know Liv is asking herself the same question. These two keep their feelings hidden behind the sex slave contract Shock had Liv sign but we can tell right from the start their desires run deeper than an agreement on paper.
While Liv and Shock are getting to know each other, again physically as well as emotionally the other bikers and their girls are taking care of their sexual needs. I didn’t mind the sharing women part of the story as added hot sex it was fine but not needed for the story I think. It shows these people have very open minds and lives but sometimes was just gratuitous sex.
The sex scenes with Liv and Shock were exceptionally erotic I especially enjoyed when Shock showed his control in the bedroom. So very sexy and sweet at the same time, he wants to do whatever it takes to get her to realize how much he really cares and if he has to give her multiple orgasms to prove it Shock is more than up for the task.

This couple has a long road ahead of them between interfering women that Shock may have had a thing with and secrets they are both keeping there is no telling how these two will end up.


awog ,

It is hard to admit your feelings...

This book is a continuation of Liv and Shock's story. (Devin and Olivia) We are in part two for this book where Live asks Shock for money to save her sister. She does not tell him why and they make a contract agreement for sex and her repayment.

When she had found herself trapped in a dark alley with bikers the last thing Liv thought would happen - is running into an old friend. Shock only wants to protect her, and he basically tells everyone she is his and stakes a claim.

In this part of the book Liv and Shock go on a date and become lovers. They are getting to know one another and find their way as a couple. Can they be called a couple? Neither one of them will admit their feeling and say them out loud. Every time the subject comes up - the wrong answer is given.

There are many surprises in store yet for these two. Stay tuned as the story gets more involved and exciting! Get your copy now - and maybe even give a friend a gift!

This book is broken into a 3 part novel, where this is the second part. Each piece is being released a week apart so we can enjoy the anticipation. Their story is a sweet one where he wants to protect her and love her.

I give this book a hard 5/5 Kitty's Paws UP! This story comes with a warning - the love scenes are scorching!

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