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In the arms of an outlaw, she found the freedom to live out her wildest fantasies. Don’t miss this scorching new six-part mini-series from New York Times bestselling author Opal Carew!When Laurie is kidnapped by bikers, she has no idea her life is about to change forever. From the moment she meets Steele—their sinfully sexy leader—she can’t deny their fierce attraction. Even though she’s completely at his mercy, his eyes soften when he looks at her, and the others in his gang know she’s strictly hands off. But the more time she spends with Steele, the more her body insists she wants his powerful hands all over her.

Now she’s about to discover a new life on the open road…and what it means to be part of a gang that shares everything. At first their wanton lifestyle shocks her senses—but once she’s had a taste of life on the edge, will she ever want to leave?Don't miss the other installments of Riding Steele: Kidnapped (Part 1), Untamed (Part 2), Collide (Part 3), Crossroads (Part 5) and Aftershock (Part 6)

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November 18
St. Martin's Press

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Review: Riding Steele #4: Wanted

Riding Steele: Wanted by Opal Carew is the fourth part of her new six-part serial Riding Steele. Riding Steele will be released as a full length novel in early 2015 as book 3 in her Ready To Ride series.

Wanted picks up right where Collide left off...
Donovan has called the cops and accused Laurie of stealing the diamond necklace her gave her at the bar on their anniversary. The call from Killer was to alert them that he was on his way out there to pick her up. So, of course, they ran.

The call interrupted what was about to be some very sexy times between Steele and Laurie, leaving them both on edge and very turned on. Laurie gets progressively bolder with Steele on their ride away from the cabin and the police culminating in their finally joining together. But wait, there's more. It's what happens, again at a lake, later the next day that will really have you panting and eagerly anticipating more.

Emotions run high the next morning and Steele reacts irrationally to something he sees causing him to leave again and go riding away from the crew. Laurie is left flabbergasted at his reaction an then the call comes in from Killer. Donovan is willing to make a deal with her to drop the charges but can they make things happen in time so he will make good on his end?

Opal Carew has a way of writing the dirtiest, hottest scenes between MULTIPLE partners that makes it all perfectly acceptable, and, well not normal, but not overdone or just blatantly about the sex. Thank you Opal Carew, thank you!

Steele pulled her into a deep kiss. "You're mine. And nothing and no one is going to change that."
She stared at him, dumbfounded. She should say something. Set him straight.
But she liked the possessive look in his eyes. Directed at her. Despite the fact he was willing to share her, it was clear he wouldn't give her up to anyone.
~ Laurie

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