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“I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard as I did reading this book. The humor was quick-witted and sharp… I didn’t want to put this book down.” -Reading Rebel

Gray “Quick Shot” Woodson is the fastest gun west of the Mississippi. Unfortunately, he’s ready to hang up his hat. Sure, being notorious has its perks. But the nomadic lifestyle—and people always tryin’ to kill you—gets old real fast.

Now he just wants to find a place to retire so he can spend his days the way the good Lord intended. Staring at the sunset. And napping.

When his stubborn horse drags him into a hole-in-the-wall town called Desolation, something about the place calls to Gray, and he figures he might actually have a shot at a sleepy retirement.

His optimism lasts about a minute and a half.

Soon he finds himself embroiled in a town vendetta and married to a woman named Mercy. Who, judging by her aggravating personality, doesn’t know the meaning of her own name. In fact, she’s downright impossible.

But dang it if his wife isn’t irresistible. If only she’d stop trying to steal his guns to go after the bad guys herself.

There goes his peace and quiet...

August 24
Entangled Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

gingin615 ,

Smoking guns & smoking romance!

This was outstanding! Fun, adventure, romance and danger in the old West. A laugh a minute as Grey aka Quick Shot is in search of retirement as the most deadly gunfighter still alive. And that’s his plan. To stay alive and find a place that doesn’t know who he is. But he’s just too famous. Heading west he finds Desolation and feisty landowner Mercy. She’s a firecracker with a nasty neighbor trying to take her land. Grey comes to her rescue and find himself in a prickly situation when Mercy declares he is her fiancé. She wants his help running off her neighbor and he wants a quite place to nap. That starts a hilarious romp with wonderful characters, the marvelous Mercy and her grumpy gunfighter tenant. All of the characters are fabulous from our couple to the town folks to the nasty villains and the funny barnyard animals. Grey’s horse Birdie is just too funny! I didn’t know if this would be mild on the sexy times and I didn’t care because I was having too much fun with this story. But I was thrilled when our couple was sort of forced into marriage and the wedding night turned into a heart pounding, panty melting, passionate affair with a few laughs to boot. Hot, hot, hot! There were a couple of times the story ventured into hokey antics that threw me out of the rhythm but it quickly got back into fine form and continued on with fast paced action, danger, hilarity and sweet love. A few poignant, emotional moments that are just heart melting! Terrific ending with our couple finding their dreams coming true. I really cannot say enough good things about this story and I will definitely read this author again. Spectacular all the way around. A must read.

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