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From USA Today bestselling author Amanda Siegrist comes a heartwarming holiday series that will fill you with the Christmas spirit and lots of love.

Let the merriment begin…Operation Holiday Hope commence.

Life hasn’t been the same since she quit her job working for the tyrant mayor, but Hope Bronson is trying her best. She’s attempting to embrace the holiday spirit and pretend she’s happy when, in reality, she feels stuck in a rut. And why? She can’t even explain it to herself, let alone to anyone else, without risking being called a drama queen. And men…don’t even get her started. Talk about bad choices every. Single. Time. Except…maybe one guy, but she can’t trust her own judgment. It doesn’t matter that everyone tells her he’s a good one. She’s leery of opening herself up to another bad decision—unless he can convince her otherwise.

Mase Brandt can’t believe his luck when he’s asked to fix a Nativity scene for the church. The one and only woman to steal his heart with ease works there. A few months ago, she shut him out with little fanfare. This time, he’s not giving up so easily. The holidays are a joyous time of year. He’ll use anything and everything to his advantage to win her heart. He knows she won’t make a moment of it easy on him. But that’s okay. He has a few tricks up his sleeve. Let the festivities begin.

The entire Holiday Romance series: (Each book in this series can be read as a standalone.)

Merry Me (Book 1): Elliot & Lynn

Mistletoe Magic (Book 2): Aiden & Theresa

Christmas Wish (Book 3): Bentley & Emma

Snowed in Love (Book 4): James & Erin

Snowflakes & Shots (Book 5): Stu & Chasity

Holiday Hope (Book 6): Mase & Hope

December 1
Amanda Siegrist
Amanda Siegrist

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Romance213 ,

A magical holiday romance!!

I look forward every year to Amanda Siegrist’s Christmas story and this year she gives us Mason, a handsome and talented woodworker who falls for the beautiful and commitment shy Hope, who had a bad track record when it came to men because she didn’t trust herself to choose someone who was worthy of her. The first time she met Mason she even told him she was married so he would leave her alone, but that didn’t change how Mason felt about her. Could Mason accept Hope’s apology and agree to be friends (for now) or will he think she is crazy and confused?

Hope loves her job at the church, has great friends and loves her small town. If only she had the confidence in herself to see that Mason was perfect for her. Hope was afraid to give into her feelings in fear of making another wrong decision. If Hope would just allow her heart to be her guide during this magical holiday season, then all her dreams would come true.

Meeting Hope had been the highlight of Mason’s life and when he was given the opportunity to return to Mulberry to repair the Nativity scene, he jumped at the chance. Christmas is a giving time of year and Mason was confident that Hope would give him the chance to show her how special she was to him. Mason knew that Hope was his soulmate and he was willing to wait for her forever. Their small town certainly knows how to celebrate the holidays and Mason planned on having Hope by his side for all the festivities.

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