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Mason Tredwell had it all. He was a good looking, well-respected doctor. He had money, power, and friends. He never worried about finding a woman to warm his bed. One wrongful accusation changed everything. Now, after five years in prison and losing everything he cared about, he wants revenge.

Kat Gingham never really had a charmed life. But now, things were really falling apart. She had no money, no job, and even her lying, cheating boyfriend was gone. She allowed herself one night to cry about her situation before she picked herself back up. But when she woke up, she was no longer at home. And she was no longer alone.

Mason claims she ruined his life. He's hell-bent on breaking her down, humiliating her, and making her feel like he has all these years. She's trapped and confused by the connection she feels to the man holding her hostage.

Can she convince Mason to let her go? Or is fate playing a cruel game?

March 18
DC Renee
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Annmric8 ,

Waste of time. I wanted to like it but it was juvenile and boring.

Mason doctor accused of rape went to prison for five years. Wants revenge against Kat.
When Kat is tied to a mattress she believes it is a misunderstanding. Mason has kidnapped her.
I would not call Kat a slave. Mason wants her to cook and clean wearing a maids costume. I call that a maid.
Kat is a super cheesy character. She thinks she has it so rough. Not even. Mason is always gone during the day. He eats breakfast goes to the bar and returns for dinner. It's like reading someone's boring marriage of slavery.
I'm bored reading about wifey and husband complaining about the cleaning.
Is not it ironic that she is serving time for a crime she did not commit when the same thing happened to him.
Wow! Now Kat wants to fix Mason. Why not find out who he was and who you were and try to piece together the situation together and find out if it was someone else. Get on with the story already.
I have to skim thru most of the story because it is taking too long to uncover the truth. This story is unrealistic and corny. So much drama. A lot of repetition of the same mundane events.
Amateur writing style.
This story is so juvenile.
It's cliche story with Kat growing up in foster care and currently living alone and Mason the uncommitted playboy with parents who died while he was in college who left him an inheritance. Then he becomes damaged by being wrongfully accused of rape and wants to seek revenge on the person who put him prison and ruined his life.

Using her words, "I still can't understand how he was accused of raping Kat". Me either, but would not it be nice if you could explain it to us so the story would move along at a more interesting pace?
Using her words again, "she wants to help Mason find the person who did this to him". I say get to it then. I've been waiting and now at 63% into the story and you still have not bothered to write about that yet. You seem to only be concerned with the stupid love they have for one another. Who cares at this point. You started this stupid story with Mason being wrongfully accused of rape and I want to know who would do this to him.

I really wanted to like this story because of the interesting story line,but the writing style dragged on for too long and with the tedious drama I just could not get into the story and I could not connect with the characters.
Break out the violins. Could Kat be anymore insecure? I want to slap her.

Odd72849 ,

Let Me Go

It was a 600 page book, but could have ended at 400 pages. Don't waste your time.

Seriously right now come on ,

Sooooooooooo bad

Boring, drawn out, and I couldn’t even finish. Got about a quarter of the way through and couldn’t even finish....and I’ve finished horrible books before this was so bad. I’d give it zero stars if i could.

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