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She was running to adventure, he was running from destiny.

Lady Sarah Halden stows away on the wrong boat when she thinks to enter a sailing race with her brother. She lands in the company of Lucky’s business partner, Ian Ross-Mackeever, heir to the Earl Mackeever. Sarah finds the gruff captain handsome and desires him in ways she’d never wanted a man before. With the help of a salacious little book filled with erotic images, Sarah decides to seduce her captain. At the halfway point of the race, instead of simply letting her return home with him, Lucky forces Sarah and Ian to marry.

Ian Ross-Mackeever doesn’t believe in family. His own father sends him away when he is a boy to live in a different country with his grandfather who despises him and aunts who don’t know what to do with him. He is immediately sent away to school where he becomes friends with Lucky Gualtiero, a young man whose family is everything Ian’s is not.

After a rocky start upon discovering his stowaway, Ian warms to Sarah’s presence in his life during the voyage home from New York. Her sense of adventure and unwavering love for family forces Ian to embrace her affections and the possibilities of a future with her at his side. Sarah shows Ian that running from destiny is more difficult than accepting fate, and every day spent not cherishing and loving those who love you is a day wasted.

Loving Sarah is set in 1835. Locations include Liverpool, the hero's clipper ship Revenge, New York, London, and Surrey.

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February 23
Sandy Raven, LLC
Sandy Raven LLC

Customer Reviews

Soul pink ,

Loving ng Sarah by Sandy Raven

Another great book! Ms. Raven has such a great story sense. I love her stories, her characters and her still of writing. Her detail descriptions are are well written without dragging down the story line. She defiantly is not boring. I could not put the iPad down. Looking forward to reading the fourth book in this series.

Jeanne Donahue ,

Loving Sarah

I loved this well written story that not only touched my heart but my imagination.

vannessa006 ,


I was quite surprised by how much I liked this book in the series. Having read all of them this one does offer similar adventures as the first book which was lacking in the second book. The characters are relatable and can be frustrating since they obviously have feelings for each other but are strong willed.

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