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You can't escape your darkest thoughts...

Emily Swanson came face to face with a psychopath - and survived. But the ordeal has left its scars. Determined to move on with her life, she visits a weekend retreat called Meadow Pines. With its forest setting and strict ban on technology, it’s the perfect escape.

Until one of the guests is found hanging from a tree.

The evidence points to suicide. But when help fails to arrive and the guests start turning on each other, it's clear that Meadow Pines is not the safe haven it claims to be.

Miles from the nearest town and with darkness falling fast, Emily must race to uncover the horrifying truth… because there's a murderer at the retreat - who's about to kill again.

Revised edition: Previously published as Cruel Minds.

Mysteries & Thrillers
August 25
Storm House Books
Malcolm Richards

Customer Reviews

Latayl01 ,

Excellent, exciting, thrilling!!!

Couldn’t put this one down, so many twists and turns I just loved it! Emily and Jerome had their hands full on this holiday!

Dragonfly8174 ,

It keeps you hooked

A group of people get together in their search for healing just to wake monsters from the past and unmask unexpected villains.
A plot that shows that something good is also capable of doing harm when used in the wrong way and by the wrong people.

Illeana ,


Book 2 in the Emily Swanson Mysteries
By Malcolm Richards

Shades of Agatha Christie!

Meadow Pines sounds the perfect place to recover from nearly dying at the hands of a psychopath. No technology, just peace and quiet, a place for long walks and good books. Until a dead body is found. It’s called a suicide, but quickly is discovered to be murder. The guest turn on each other and everyone suspects everyone else. As Emily puts the pieces together, she fears she just might be the next victim.

Richards is a wordcrafter extraordinaire, keeping you on the edge of your seat till the end. And in his books, the end is always a surprise!

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