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Charming smile. Wicked skills.

Taking a risk never felt so right.

With his tousled hair, cocky grin, and surprising abs hidden under a conservative button-down, bartender Cameron Reed is no stranger to the attention of women.

He dates, but never gets serious, claiming that he’s too focused on his studies. But it’s not really school that preoccupies him; it’s sensual fantasies of his best friend’s sister.

Mina Silver might be absolutely off-limits because of her overprotective brother and father, but that doesn’t stop Cam from imagining the feel of her in his arms, the brush of his lips over her soft skin, or the sparks that would fly between them if he ever got her into bed.

But for Cam, the bonds of family and friendship are sacrosanct, and there is no way that he’d ever violate his friend’s trust. Or would he?

Because with love on the line, maybe it’s time for Cam to break a few rules.

Each book is a STANDALONE romance with an HEA and an overarching story about a group of friends and the local bar they love. Totally hot and utterly binge-worthy!

Down On Me

Hold On Tight

Need You Now

Start Me Up

Get It On

In Your Eyes

Turn Me On

Shake It Up

All Night Long

In Too Deep

Light My Fire

Walk The Line

Royal Cocktail (a Man of the Month bonus book)

“With each novel featuring a favorite romance trope—beauty and the beast, billionaire bad boys, friends to lovers, second chance romance, secret baby, and more—this series hits the heart and soul of romance.” — New York Times bestselling author Carly Phillips

February 13
Martini & Olive
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Customer Reviews

Kambie07 ,

Enjoyable read

It was nice to hear from Kim and Noah. Oh and Damien and Nikki. Nice cameo!

I liked this story. But the dialogue seemed a bit stressed. It didn't really flow. But it wasn't a huge hinderance on my review. I was a bit saddened with the trip to LA. I think Mina should have done it. But that wasn't what was written. I was a bit concerned with Mina's attitude toward Cameron. She was a bit standoff-ish. She didn't really seemed to want a relationship. But luckily that was squashed.

Sweet- Paradise ,

Need You Now

Amazing, I miss Reading Julie Kenners’ books. She just have a way of pulling you in so deep you don’t know till the book had ended. I love the many sides of Cameron, from the shy nerd to the confident sexy man that he is for Mina. As for Mina she is everything strong woman to and independent dedicated woman and together they are likely to set your e-reader on fire.

Mom's Cooking The Books ,

Loved Cam and Mina!

I was anxiously awaiting Cam and Mina’s book as there have been subtle hints of his attraction since book one. Little did I know that he has been harboring these feelings almost as long as he has known Mina.

Cam has been promoted to assistant manager at The Fix on Sixth, the neighborhood hot spot that is hosting a Man of the Month competition for a calendar they are doing to help raise money to keep the establishment from going under. Cam was in close competition but was aced out of the February win for Man of the Month. He didn’t have any intentions of entering the March contest, but at the prodding of his best friend Darryl and his twin sister Mina, who he has a serious crush on, he decides to enter. Cam has a sad back story, but he has really done well for himself. He has won scholarships for college and he is currently working on his doctorate! He is not only gorgeous but smart!

Mina is Darryl’s twin sister and he is very protective of her. He was born first and healthy, but Mina was a preemie and had a rough start her first few years, but growing up she caught up except her size, she is petite. Their mom left, and they were raised by their Dad and he is also very protective of her. Her dream is to get a job in Hollywood as a director. She has her master’s degree in film and media production, so her stint as an intern on the Fixer Upper show that’s also filming at The Fix on Sixth will only pad her resume, not to mention, she just got a job as an assistant to the VP of a production company in South Austin.

An innocent touch Mina gave Cam set the wheels in motion for the attraction to ramp up and after a few drinks and liquid courage took over, the passion was ignited! Wholly hotness they have chemistry. Cam is wanting to out them as a couple, but Mina wants to keep it on the down low.

Will their relationship become public? Can Cam confess to Darryl that he is dating his sister? Who wins Man of the Month for March? I’m not going to spill the beans! You are just going to have to read it and find out for yourself. This was a terrific addition to this series and it just continues to keep me enthralled.

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