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Sgt. Brody 'Bo' Schultz put his life on the line for his family and his country. He had finished a nail biting tour as a sniper in Afghanistan. He was certainly looking forward to coming home to his wife, his daughter and his son. Instead, he was met at the door of his house with a restraining order and divorce papers. The childhood sweetheart that he had married was three months pregnant by the captain of the Savannah police department and she wanted to do the 'right thing' and marry the father of the baby. Naturally he lost his temper and had several harsh words with his wife in her lawyer's office. His anger caused him to volunteer for an immediate tour back to Afghanistan. He wanted to die.
He was captured while on a dangerous mission into the rugged mountains. The terrorists threatened to behead him. Bo demanded that they do it as soon as possible. Since that was his desire, the terrorists decided to video him as they tortured him for days just to make a spectacle of him. Finally, he wound up in the death tent to await his wish.
He didn't know that he would share the death tent with Khaterah Zadran. She was destined to die the next day as well. Her big sin was no longer being able to have children for the terrorist's cause. Unfortunately, she had been taken from her home by her uncle and raped at the terrorist's camp as her initiation into their organization. She was tied up and unable to escape. She was also unable to defend herself from the men that visited her each night. Her job was to produce babies for their glorious 'cause'. Finally, her body stopped making babies for them. There was no good to them anymore. She wanted to die.
After being beaten unconscious, Bo woke up in the death tent and met Khaterah. After hearing her story, something changed inside of him. All the things that the Army had drilled into him came charging to the front of his consciousness and yelled, "Rescue". An idea struck his fogged mind that gave them one slim chance on living.
If they made it out alive, could he face his children and his ex again? Could he make things right with his kids? Would Khaterah ever be free from the horrible circumstances that ruled her life for the past five years?
ON OUR OWN TERMS is a story with a familiar theme. Bad things happen to good people. But, through patience and perseverance, God always has a plan to make all things work together for their good. The only drawback is, He only tells the good people about His plan one day at a time.

January 4
Henry Givens
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