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Tom's Treasure

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When World War II broke out, Tom Dandridge joined the Army and eventually became a part of the newly formed U.S. Army Rangers. On their first assignment, a premature explosion crippled Tom and gave him amnesia. A band of local natives carted him away to the safety of their village until they could find the outcome of the skirmish. He stayed there for several years until his memory came back.
The explosion was so fierce, that the Army thought he was dead. His widow, Ellen, and his young son, Billy, were devastated. After several years, Ellen married the associate pastor of her church to help her raise Billy.
When Tom's memory came back, the Army went about the arduous task of mending his crippled legs. It was during his transport to a another Army hospital that he prevailed upon his superiors to allow him to just ride by his old home. He knew that Ellen had remarried and he didn't want her and Billy to know he was still alive just yet. When he got to his home, the three of them were outside. His son and the stepfather were playing catch with the football while Ellen cheered him on. Billy was pretty doggone good.
They were happy and Billy wanted to be a tight end just like his dad. With a heavy heart, Tom made the decision not to come back into their lives. He couldn't bear the thought of forcing his sweet Ellen to make a tough decision. Then again, he didn't know if the Army doctors could ever straighten out his legs. Would Billy stick with football or give it up to be with him?
Years and operations went by and Tom was eventually as good as new. He busied himself with helping troubled teens find their way to Jesus. One by one, God would bring them into his life. One by one, he would walk with them through their turmoil. He said it was like helping them find buried treasure. Life was fairly satisfying but a part of his life was still empty.
Years later, God began to tug on his heart to go back to his old home town to see if he had any relatives there. Was Billy still alive? Did he have any grandchildren? The most haunting question was, if he did find anyone there, what would they think? Would they be mad because he never came back? Could they accept him for who he was? As hesitant as he was, God wouldn't leave him alone. Tom knew that there must be someone there God needed him to talk to.
The town had changed a lot in fifty years, and there were no Dandridges to be found. He figured his search was over and he headed back to the hotel. He may as well go back home and live out the last few years of his life.
As he took a short walk through the park, he happened to meet an eleven-year-old boy who was showing the middle school football team some Ninja moves. Now that was quite odd. But, more peculiar than that, God would not let him leave until he spoke to the young man. As they struck up a conversation, Tom realized that this kid was rambunctious and energetic. He didn't seem to have any deep-seated problems at all.
That's where he was wrong. This young man need a great-grandfather to speak into his life. Yes, he didn't find out for ten more chapters but Tom had just met one of his only great-grandson.
A Soldier Finds His Treasure is funny and very heart warming. God is faithful to honor the love and dedication of His faithful servant, Tom. He has sown good seed for fifty years and God brings him an abundant harvest of happiness. Also, we find out that God put Tom through his journey because of the plans that He had for Tom's great-grandson, Arthur. In the end, all things do work together for good to those that love the Lord.
I trust that you will laugh, cry and enjoy this testimony to God's goodness.

Young Adult
June 20
Henry Givens
Draft2Digital, LLC

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