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An Apple Books Classic edition.

Lose yourself in the pages of J.M. Barrie’s beloved story about Neverland, the Lost Boys, and Tinkerbell. The book begins with older sister Wendy reading to her siblings, while Peter Pan and Tink peer in through the window. But when these magical visitors are spotted, the window slams shut, trapping Peter’s shadow inside!

So begins the enchanted adventure of Wendy, John, and Michael Darling, who fly through the night to Neverland-a place of fairies, magical birds, and eternal youth. But danger lurks here, too, in the form of the vengeful Captain Hook and his band of pirates. This timeless tale invites us to escape to the idyllic and fantastical realm of childhood…no matter our age.

December 27
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Public Domain

Customer Reviews

334677);66(:34()$8 ,

I loved it 😍😍😍

It was very describable and also very very worthy of winning a 🥇

Authorized57 ,

I forgot the beauty of classics

In 4th grade I read Dave Barrie(strange resembles with the names) and Ridley Pearson's Starcatchers series(great read four and a half stars!). About a week ago I saw the SyFy channel's Neverland miniseries(my fav movies) So I wanted to read the original Peter Pan...and wow. Its amazing. From modern day versions and the Disney movie it doesnt even seem like the same story as the original. If you think you know Peter but you havent read the original you are wrong. So read the original! I fell in love with the original Peter Pan.

Perez Family Apple Account ,

Childhood memories

I loved it I watched all the versions of the movies of him but I never read the book and now that I have it brings back so many memories of when I was little the best I've ever read <3

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