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Buffalo, New York--Thundering waterfalls, great sports teams . . . and a treacherous vampire lord who is slowly losing his mind.

New York City vampire Rajmund Gregor is the undisputed master of The Big Apple. He bows to no one but his Sire, the Vampire Lord Krystof, who has ruled the Northeast for hundreds of years. But when Krystof summons Rajmund to his headquarters in Buffalo, Raj finds his master slowly descending into madness and his territory crumbling around him.

Raj is the only one of Krystof's children strong enough to seize power, but he'll have to save his master before he can destroy him.

Several women have gone missing, and the local police are convinced a vampire is behind it. Is Krystof so lost to reality that he's capturing and murdering human women? Is a rogue vampire moving into Krystof's territory for the kill? Or is it something far more insidious, something that could threaten the existence of vampires everywhere?

Sarah Stratton is living a lie. Her past holds a secret she shares with no one--not even her good friend Cynthia Leighton, the West Coast vampire lord's mate. It's a secret that could destroy her carefully constructed life as a professor at a Buffalo university. It's also a secret that could save the lives of the missing women. To save them, however, she must enter Buffalo's vampire community and put herself into the care of Rajmund Gregor.

But can she trust Raj, the dangerously seductive vampire who wants to lay claim to far more than her secrets?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 8
BelleBooks Inc.
BelleBooks, Inc.

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I'll give it 3.5. I can't believe this was written by the same author who wrote Rafael and Jabril. Like other reviewers, I did not believe the bond between Raj and Sarah. Sarah spent most of her time lying, defying and challenging Raj. Her naivety put herself and his people in danger, with no remorse. Or, rather, little remorse, then finding a way to lash out at Raj. Blaming him. I guess I expected more maturity from a Professor who worked so hard to create a new life for herself. I did love Raj and his children. I felt Raj earned the respect of his children and his former Lord. When the battle finally came, he was very strong and fought hard for them. Emelie was amazing. I did feel she overstepped when dealing with Raj, but expect that will change now that he is a Lord. I also hope she gets her own territory one day. Strong female. I did find myself rushing to get through a lot of the book. Especially with it being so short. Took me three days to finish. Too much Sarah nonsense and not enough fighting to take over. I still love the series. Enjoy!

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