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Adventure, romance, and magic fill this tale of a girl who longs for love and freedom, and above all, to know herself.

In a time of kings, queens, and conspiracy, it's impossible to know whom one can trust. . . .

In a kingdom far away and long ago, it was prophesied at her birth that the queen would die before her sixteenth birthday. So Shadow, an orphan girl the same age as the young queen, was given the duty to watch her every move. And as prophesies do tend to come true, the queen is poisoned days before her birthday. When the castle is thrown into chaos, Shadow escapes with a young knight, whom she believes was betrothed to the queen.

Unsure of why she is following Sir Kenway, but determined to run as far from her longtime prison as possible, Shadow sets off on an adventure with the handsome knight.

But the kingdom is dying around them, and Shadow senses there are unknown forces at work. As mystery and romantic tension build, will Shadow uncover her own destiny?

Young Adult
June 1
Scholastic Inc.
Scholastic Inc.
Grades 5-10

Customer Reviews

Katdragon19 ,

I love it!

This has been my favorite book ever since I was in 5th grade!

Bygdegokcdcblpp ,

Love it

This is my favorite book, I've read it a billion times.. I am in love with it 😍😍😍😍😍

Ezii1997 ,

I love it

I love this book this was the first book that I ever read by choice and I won't lie I love it. It turned me into the book geek that I am today. I loved its twists and turn. I read it in eighth grade and now I'm a senior in high school. I still love this book it will never out grow me.