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A free spiritual warfare bible study for anyone serious about gaining victory in spiritual warfare – the BIBLICAL way. Spiritual Warfare without the Spiritual Weirdness explains all the scriptures on spiritual warfare, the armor of God, strongholds and the wiles of the devil; and offers you a spiritual warfare battle plan that can help you to overcome anything you face in your Christian walk. We show you that spiritual warfare is something that every Christian could and should be involved in.

There are many misconceptions about spiritual warfare based on popular misguided teachings. These teachings are not always based on the Bible, but on contemporary religious thinking.

Are you looking for special prayers for spiritual warfare?

Are you trying to "take back what the devil stole" or "download blessings" from the spiritual realm?

Does your spiritual warfare battle plan involve "decreeing and declaring" or "commanding your morning"?

Do you think to gain victory in spiritual warfare, you need to cast demons out of your life?

This is what I call waging a bad warfare, because none of it is scriptural – NONE. True warfare is about using the weapons God gave you (the armor of God) to pull down strongholds in your mind. There is a strong chance that you are living a defeated life because there is some element of Biblical truth that you have not fully grasped deep in your spirit. True warfare is about replacing your wrong thinking with scriptural thinking. This alone can give you the victory you seek.

Spiritual Warfare without the Spiritual Weirdness shows you how to pray, how to identify strategies of the devil, how to identify strongholds, and how to pull them down. Spiritual Warfare without the Spiritual Weirdness is based solely on the Bible. We pray that it will be a tremendous blessing to you.

Religion & Spirituality
January 11
Denver Cheddie
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Effectiverange ,

Hands down the best book on spiritual warfare

I’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff in churches that aren’t scriptural. In my mind I questioned a lot because I just don’t see it in the Bible and I wonder where some authors did their homework. Not this book. This was truly a blessing with scripture to back up every application. I highly recommend this book for all Christians( especially Pentecostals and Charismatics). Don’t be arrogant when reading it because you’ve done something for years. This book places GOD word over any traditional remedy people have been doing and I know it works. I’m a testimony.

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