Tease Me Once

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From USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling romance author, W Winters, comes a provocative tale of a club designed for wealthy sinners.  It’s a story crafted for those of us who crave the villain. 

Not everyone knows about The Club, which is by design.  The main floor entertains the elite.  There are dim lights, stolen touches and the liquor flows to ensure the guests get exactly what they want.  There are high profile clients, cuffs and collars, contracts and secrets in every corner.  

But it’s what lies beneath these floors, down the spiral staircase, that intrigues me the most. 

There’s a man who stays in the corner of the darkest rooms.  In this world of sinful tastes, he doesn’t hide his face like the rest of them; he’s not concerned with anonymity in the least. 

Declan Cross is powerful, brooding and his dark eyes speak of damage that my soul begs to unravel.  I’ve always been drawn to men who are rough around the edges, the bad guys so to speak… but he’s a kind of brutal that scares me.  

So I promised myself I’d stay away.  

I swore up and down, I would never give in to the fantasies that haunt me at night. 

One night changed everything.  He knows I witnessed everything that happened.  There are no deals or negotiations with men like him.  

He made it known in no uncertain terms what he desired most… I saw something I shouldn’t have.  And now I’m his. 

Tease Me Once is the beginning of a series.  Prepare for everything seductive and beautifully dark.

September 28
Willow Winters Publishing LLC
Willow Winters Publishing LLC

Customer Reviews

Phimulea ,

Fanning myself

OMG! Declan Cross pulls you in, wraps a warm hand around the back of your neck, pulls at your hair and….where was I going with this again. I can’t believe I have to wait until October to see what happens next. This book is a lot of heat, a mystery stirring in the back ground and ends on enough suspense to Jeep you squirming in your seat.

Szmoromou ,


OMG! Tease Me Once by Willow Winters will leave you in a frantic comma. Poor Braelynn only wanted a fresh start and to be able to stand on her own two feet. She never would have thought that she would run into Declan Cross, the boy from school who haunted her thoughts all those years ago, would be her new Boss at the Club she just started. Startled about also consumed by him, Braelynn easily fell under Declan’s spell, not realizing how dangerous it would end up for her in the end.
Declan couldn’t believe the one girl who actually showed some warmth towards him when he was younger was working for him in his club. Her innocents, obedience and willingness to please him overwhelmed him and made him vulnerable. Something that the Cross brothers do not like or allow. However, Declan couldn’t deny this pull he has had for her even back when they were kids. Now it’s more pronounced and he is not letting her go if she willingly wants to play along. What Braelynn doesn’t realize is that everything may feel like hearts and roses until a Cross is crossed.
We are left with so many unknowns. Who is the mole sharing Club secrets? What will happen to Braelynn after what she saw?
Tease Me Once is amazing! The sexual tension is sizzling between Declan and Braelynn. I felt sorry for both Declan and Braelynn because their relationship was doomed from the very beginning. I can not wait to see what will be the outcome in I’ll Kiss You Twice.

Vballrocksgirl ,




Okay, sorry for yelling, but what the heck?! I was just minding my own business, enjoying the book and then BAM. I had so many predictions about the ending of this book, but I didn't see this one coming. I am SHOOK.

Anyway, Tease Me Once is a suspenseful, dark romance that takes place in the Merciless World. We follow the youngest of the Cross brothers, Declan, and Braelynn as they go through the first part of their love story. This book ends on a cliffhanger and it's the first book in a duet.

This book is phenomenal. The world is immersive and the characters have... well, character. I love the dynamic that Declan and Braelynn have, as they went to school together and essentially grew up together, so they already had lots of chemistry. I've never read any of the Merciless books, so I went in to this book blind. I can tell you that I am officially hooked and will definitely be diving into that world soon!

Please check TW!! This book is on the darker side, so make sure if you have triggers to check before diving in!

***ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review***

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